For One So Little, You Did So Much

Melanie, my Daughter....

I have accepted that you couldn't stay. On so many levels I understand why you couldn't BE.
I know our lives are so much richer for you being here as briefly as you were. But still, on special days I miss you and wonder who you would have been and how you would be now.

25 years is a long time to hold onto only an image, a dream of what may have been - no living memories.

You are in my heart forever, my Daughter. Thank you for making me more compassionate, accepting and understanding of the the truly important things of life and the richness and wealth of the everyday things so many take for granted.

You have grounded me and rounded me as a person.

Always Love You Mel. XXX

Sandyjoy Sandyjoy
51-55, F
2 Responses Jan 5, 2013

Such a beautiful post, I admire your strength. Your love and words have shown me the future each day will come step by step but that the love and hurt we all feel does not go away.

Thank you Sandy.

I lost my son November 25th 2010. I was 9 months pregnant and he didnt make it. I am sorry for your loss and only wanted to tell you words like those soothe my breaking heart when I worry that I am not getting over this.

I am glad my words have given you some comfort. i feel that the initial grief takes about 2 years, so be easy on yourself. Hopefully in time you will realize what a gift Jadie has been in your life, even though he couldn't stay. Sending Love.