Skylar's Mommy!!

33 weeks pregnant and enjoying every minute of it..Went to the doctors office for my sono and found out i was having a girl!!! Had attempted to find out sooner but Skylar was already stubborn:) December 2,2012 felt a pain like never and decided something just didnt feel right,,thought maybe this is what labor is like..i was admitted and taken to delivery where they checked for her heartbeat and told me she had passed..I immediately asked for someone else to check it,and it was done so 4 different times by different people..I was told i would have to deliver and would be induced to speed up the process.I was told i had placental abruption 4 hours later at 1:05pm i looked at an angel..She was 4lbs,2oz of perfection!!Never would i be able to fully describe my pain felt like pieces were tore from my soul.My husband couldnt take it neither could i but i refused to let a moment pass where i could be in the presence of my baby.So she stayed with me..i remember her smell,how her skin felt,how she fit so perfectly in my arms.I wanted to etch every single detail of her onto my brain..I thought to myself that she would wake up and realize that her Mommy was holding her.I told her how much i loved her and hoped she could feel it way in heaven.Skylar,,you know you're mommy's angel right>>>
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Jan 9, 2013