Our Little Star Lilly

Fell pregnant after a year and a half of trying in july 2011 and it was the happiest time had a son who was 9 So was the best news ever had no problems throught my pregnancy at 20 weeks found out she was a girl so called her lilly due on the 9th april 2012 easter Monday ! Went to bed on the sat night the 7th and could fell her moving but woke up Sunday and no movement called the hospital said she was getting ready to come so didn't have much room to move by Sunday evening started to get pain was told again to take pain killers and have a soak in the bath I was final told to come in to hospital in the early hours of Monday morning the day lilly was due at that point they tried to find her heart beat but after the 3rd try I just knew she was gone. After 4 hours lilly. Came into the world not only was I in pain I was mentally in pain. To have to give birth to a child we longed for the room was slient she was born at 8.08 on. Easter Monday weighing 7lb 7oz we were deverstated and heart broken to then have to leave hospital with just a memory box and her blanket I never wanted to have to leave her there alone after holding her kissing her it wasn't fair we layed her to rest a month later on the 9th of may. And. All we can do as her parents is make her garden look nice. I fell pregnant again in the july but I misscarried at 8 weeks I'm a strong person but I feel heart broken in side my daughter will always be my missing jig saw that I will be able. To complete as a mother for her but she was born an angle and he chose her as one she just wasn't ready for this world even though her tests came back clear and couldnt find anything wrong but she is our. Little star and will shine through no matter what xxx
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She is my missing jig saw that I won't ever be able to complete as a mother sorry error in my spelling above x

i respect you for shareing that many people have problems and fears says things like that. I am sorry for your lost but your right he chose her to be with him for a speacil reason