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I was expecting my first child on the 24th december 2008, my due date came and went and I was getting so impatient waiting for my little boy to arrive. On the 28th december i went for a sweep to try and get things started but still nothing happened. I also got monitored because i didnt think the baby had been moving alot, as he had been so active through out the pregnancy but all was fine he had been asleep. So my partner and I went away and again. Evenutally on the 2nd january 2009 I went in to labour all seemed normal I went to the hospital and mentioned I didnt think he had been moving since I started in labour about six hours ago, so they decided to monitor me to check on his heartbeat. The midwives thought they detected his heartbeat but couldnt be sure so they decided to do an emergency c-section. When i woke from the operation I was told my baby had died.

we are having a postmortem because we dont know why Lewis died he was perfect and looked just like his Daddy he wighed 7lb 8oz. The midwives couldnt give us any answers nor could the doctors. We had his funeral on Thursday and my partner and I are taking each day as it comes. Im thinking of going back to work early cause I cant sit around the house dwelling on things. I just hope one day we can go on to have more children.

One piece of good news to come out of this my partner asked me to marry him when we were holding our baby, so I do have something to look forward to.




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hey the same thing happen to me my baby's movment had slowed down but every thing was ok (3 days b4) then when i went into labour they found it had to find the heartbeat but found what they thought was the heart. I to had to have a c-section, we were told afterwards that the baby had been dead for around 24hr that they never had her heartbeat but had picked up mine (that was beating way to fast)! my girl was 9lb 3oz I dont know what went wrong!