I Lost My Baby

My baby was stillborn on may 27th 2009, I was 41 weeks pregnant, he weighed 7.9 pounds, I dont understand what happened...everything was perfect....my pregnancy had been completely normal and i was waiting for labor pains I never got any...on may 26th my baby stopped moving and at first I thought it was normal because it was almost time to deliver and he was so big but something just didn´t feel right so I went to the doctor, it was too late, his lungs were filled with water and he had no heartbeat, it was the worst news I have ever gotten. I dont know what to do I want my baby back, I cry every day and it seems as if I´ll never have peace. He was the most beautiful baby.

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so sory for your loss but i do truly belive you should not go over your due date i lost my baby on the 6th of april my due date was the 26th of march it kinda destroys you and it is hard to go throgh another pregnancy but i belive people should make there own choice if they want to be induced at 40 wks as my baby would be alive if i had the choice.xxx

We lost our son Junior when I was 29 weeks. Just shy of 30. I had been to the doctor just 2 weeks before and heard his little heart beating and I remember saying "it sounds like a racehorse" it was beating so strong... i started to feel clammy and didn't feel right and I hadn't felt the baby move for a couple days. I tried everything...an orange, a little Cocacola to try and give him a boost....I called my doctors office and she said, "No problem, come on in, I am sure everything is fine, but we'll hook you up to the monitor to check. 3 US later...all 3, no heartbeat. :( I bawled my eyes out. That is such a deep pain and loss. We were so hopeful and we had just about finished the baby's room. The border for the room was ordered but hadn't arrived. I got induced and went into labor and had him at 742am 4/3/09. He was 2.5lbs. he was such a beautiful baby. The placenta had tore away from the uterus. We have since gotten pregnant with our baby girl a MONTH after we lost Junior and she is now almost 16 months. Such a little blessing. She would not be here if he were to still be with us. I miss him EVERY DAY! Love u Lil GUY! :)

I lost my son Dominic at 41 weeks, he brought me so much joy. I miss him everyday. I just wish he was here. I'm heartbroken.

I understand how you are feeling. Me and my husband lost our first baby,our son. After a perfect pregnancy I was due 13sept. I went over my due date and the hospital said they wud induce me 28sept. On the 23sept I had a midwife appt where she couldn't find a heartbeat, we went to the hospital, had a scan and were told that our baby's heartbeat was no more. This was so hard to take in since we had just been in the Wednesday before and his heartbeat was so strong. On 25sept I went into hosp to be induced, I was in 3 days before I went into labour n had Lewis on the 4th day - 28 September. Me and my husband are very lucky to have so much support from family and friends, however I am really struggling to cope, I can't sleep,I cry all the time but worst if all I just ache so much for my son, I need my son.

I feel you. Just five days ago I went into premature labor. I had my son at 1:31 AM, and he died 21 minutes later. He died from extreme prematurity. His lungs weren't fully formed. The funeral home told me that it isn't considered a stillborn since he was alive, at least for a little bit.. but that makes it all the worse. I got to hold him, and meet him. I was 21 weeks along, and I'm only 15 years old. I miss his kicks, and his rolls. I miss feeling him alive and inside of me. I cry now while I'm typing this. He means the world to me, and I love him so much. So I know that you loved yours, even before he or she was born. One of the hardest parts is giving him up to the nurses and doctors, and saying goodbye. Its also hard leaving the hospital without your baby. I am thin now, but I'd rather be big and round. I miss my son being safe in my stomach. I know he's in a better place, but I still want him here with me. If he was, I'd cherish every poop, and every cry, and everything else that would let me know that he was here and alive. He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. My sister and my cousin are pregnant as well, and it kills me knowing that they are probably going to get to raise, hug, and kiss their babies. I want a baby so bad, but I feel that I can't love another like I loved my son, Luc Jr. The only thing I can think about right now is him. I want to be pregnant again, but with nobody except him. I feel as if I'm dying inside. I can't eat, and I can't sleep. I just want him in my arms again. </3

I am so very sorry (((HUGS))) I wish there was some words of comfort I could give you but we both know there isn't any. I lost my baby girl february 19, 2001, she is my only baby and I miss her everyday and always will. Get as much love and support as you can from your friends and family and don't let anyone tell you how to grieve or how long to grieve. Anytime you need to talk, cry, vent anything at all please don't hesitate to contact me. Please take good care and be gentle with yourself (((HUGS)))

i lost my baby stillborn at 38 weeks he was beatiful on 22nd may 2009 so if you want to talk i miss him more everyday day xxx

I'm so sorry for your loss...I do understand how you are feeling a year ago I lost my son my first child...So if you would love to talk I have open ears and I would love to listen and chat if you would like

I am so sorry for your loss.<br />
I have personally never had a still birth but my mother had 4. I can understand the way you are feeling as i have lived with my mothers grief. It is one of the hardest things that can happen to a woman and the only thing i can say that might give you some comfort is that my mother who had 4 still births went on to have 4 healthy children. I am not saying that other mothers do not love their children, but this experience will allow you appreciate any future children in a different way.<br />
Stay strong and good luck.