Addyson Poppie - Too Beautiful For Earth.

My beautiful daughter was born sleeping at 23.5 weeks along, on the 22.10.2009. At our previous dating scan, she had a healthy heartbeat and she looked perfect on that little screen. Four weeks later at a checkup, we couldnt find her heartbeat, and an ultrasound later confirmed she had died. I was induced the next day and after 6 hours of labour, Addyosn Poppie was born. She looked exactly like her Daddy and big brother Brock.

Our next checkup on the 1st December will hopefully provide some answers into why my little Poppie died.

I never thought this would happen to us, ecxpecially after having such a healthy textbook pregnancy with my son.

Dont take your babies for granted, like I did.

Julie86 Julie86
1 Response Nov 23, 2009

Thanks. We opted to not have an autopsy. Addyosn Poppie was just so perfect and beautiful, we didnt want her being touched. We did however send the placenta away, and I had lots of blood taken from me for testing.<br />
I just miss her terribly.