Erotically Painful And Confusing

Just last night I had the strangest dream I'v had in a while. I normally dream in 3rd person, but this time it was in 1st person. Me and my fiance were at some house talking to people I have never seen the faces of yet they always appear in my dreams. They end up leaving (can't remember the conversation) and my fiance turns to me and says "Well its almost time. He should be here soon." and I look at him horrified. Some time passes and we are watching a movie in the living room with him on the couch and me sitting on the floor in front of him when a guy in black comes in. My fiance bids me farewell and good luck, then leaves. I'm still sitting on the floor and the stranger sits down beside me.

He was way too close for comfort. He was so close I could smell the leather of his duster he had on. I never saw his face though. I kept my eyes to the floor the entire time he was there. He ends up having me lay down on my left side where I sat on the floor and suddenly I don't have pants on then he uses clothespins to pinch something onto my thigh. He leans into me so that my face is smushed to his chest and he talks to me like I am his pet or servant. I kept thinking he was a jerk that I wanted to smash his face in because of how he treated me but for some reason unknown to me I had to deal with it. Something to do with a deal we had. He reaches between my legs and starts caressing me in "certain" places and I squirm which ticks him off. He growls into my ear that I need to behave and then bites down hard onto my earlobe. I gasp and jerk back (it hurt like a mother!) almost seeing his face and I start to smart mouth him but stop mid sentence as I know I'll pay for my back talk.

I immediately look back down to the floor and apologize while sticking my wrists out to him in a submissive manner. He says a few things I can't remember and ties my hands together. He sits me back up and moves behind me. Then he tilts my head to where its facing the ceiling but he demanded me to keep my eyes closed. He bends over me and bites into my throat. For some reason the pain was turning me on in the dream, in reality it does not work this way for me lol

Right when he bit into my neck my fiance woke me up when he turned over and brought a pillow with him. It smacked into my back and woke me up right away. Oh lord I don't even know what he would think if I told him about this dream!
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

Strange, scary and erotic. Are you into BDSM or vampirism? There are so many disturbing overtones. That's the kind of dream that makes me a thrashing, sweaty mess unable to cry for help. When I wake, I start praying and don't want to go back to sleep. I think that when we dream, we often cross over into a spiritual realm that surrounds us. Ive had some very vivid nightmares that I pray were not prophetic. I never want to go there!

I'm not into either which is what disturbed me even more about this dream in particular. I was so thankful I had gotten woken up when I did! When I woke up I was drenched in cold sweat with my heart trying to leap out of my chest. And AMEN to that! I tossed and turned the rest of the night. It was awful...