Flick Off, Street Light

Whenever I'm driving at the dead of night or the early morning before daybreak, at least one street light would turn off (or sometimes on) when I drive by within 15 feet of its presence. Literally, it happens on a regular basis whether in remote or urban areas. On the streets where I travel most on, there are certain street lights that I'm able to predict beforehand when they'll flicker off. And by coincidence, they do.

I've read about this issue called street light interference (SLI) and noticed so many people have this similar situation. As for the cause, some say it's psychic or paranormal. Others say the experienced have a stronger electromagnetic field around them causing interference in electronic items.

SLI has many differing theories but no known investigative studies. Early in my experience, I was so floored and bewildered by the continual coincidences of these street lights. Is it a spirit sending a message? Guardian angel? Do I have powers? Or am I just going cuckoo?

Right now, this phenomenon is an afterthought. I'm not eager for answers. When a street light flickers off, I say, "Uhuh, yeah. There it goes."
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3 Responses Aug 31, 2010

Why don't you try to communicate to whosoever it is, when this happens..
It might be some entity or electromagnetic energy in your body or maybe just a psychological problem..

I wasn't expecting that, but I did entertain somebody.

I had to laugh. I believe you, but it's still funny.