La Salle De Bain, Au Jourd'hui

It wasn't so much strange as surprising, even worrying, as experience's go!

I am staying at Marguerite's home as usual, and I was up this morning, going about my usual ablutions. I was sitting having a pee, quite naked, when Marguerite's father walked into the bathroom.

He smiled at me, and came very close to me. Without saying anything at all he suddenly 'tweeked' my right nipple. He then said: "J'aime la! Je veux te caresser!"

Since the bathroom door was open quite wide, he looked back, worried he might have been seen doing this to me. He returned his attention to me, and asked me: "C'est bon?" He cupped my breast (my right one he'd tweeked), and he asked: "Tu veux un massage?" He was only wearing sky blue boxer shorts, and he watched as I wiped myself and got up from the toilet.

Before I could push the flush he had stepped in front of the toilet and taken out his penis to pee. He noticed me looking, and asked me: "Tu aimes?" As he finished his pee, he turned to face me with his penis in hand still.

A few moments later he said: "Qu'est-ce qu'ils ont beaux, tes seins!" As I stood, a little stunned, he left the room, bound for his own where he rushed to dress, and leave for work.
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Obviously its hard to resist such a pretty girl as you. Perhaps the next move is up to you.