Its a Small Army...

When I deployed to iraq, I moved into my own room(rare to have over there). The previous occupant, who had finished his deployment and gone home, had left a few of their belongings in a drawer.  All of them labeled Stahlnaker. Well a few days into being there, I learned that the last pregnancy test we had taken before leaving the states had been too early to detect mine. About a month and half later, all of my paperwork was finished and I was sent back to the united states. On my way back, I had to live on a base in Wisconsin to do some more paperwork before going back to my home station. I was put in a temporary unit with a Staff Sargeant Stahlnaker, who was being held there for paperwork reasons although the rest of his unit returned to their home state a month earlier.

Ashahmal Ashahmal
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1 Response Mar 6, 2009

oh goodness lol. The man was older than my father. Plus I had already been married for 7 months to a man I love deeply. But I appreciate the sentiment.