Prank Call... Backfired

A while back now,
When I was en middle school...
One day I invited a friend to my house after school let out. Everything was fine till we got the gran idea of making random prank calls. XD
We had made about five or six prank calls dialing randomly composed numbers trying luck to see if we could get a victim, but no one had picked up until our last try.
We random dialed and the phone rang 3 three times.
There was a short moment of silence until we heard a male voice say : yea? 
Since we hadn't really agreed on what to say we froze, didn't say a word, but we stayed on the line.
So did he.
After a bit he said- hello? 
Again we didn't respond and were expecting he would hang up, but he didn't. We kept listening.
We could hear his breathing on the other end. Still listening.
Then we started hearing footsteps through the phone (maybe his? I don't know) and as if the signal were fading (crackeling)
This went on for about 2 or 3 minutes and then we heard his breathing again.
At this point we were getting a bit freaked out and hung up the phone.
We picked up  the phone again to make sure the tone was back, but it didn't come back till we re hung up the phone again.
As the old frase says: curiousity killed the cat, we decided to redial the last number and it rang a few times, then we heard the automated answer that the number we had called didn't exist.
We have never tried prank calling again.
wickedlillie wickedlillie
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1 Response Jul 19, 2011

When I was in grade school someone with a caller ID sent the police to my house to talk to my mom because we prank called them >.< It was MORTIFYING and I got in so much trouble, lol!

That must of been a real scare! lol I miss those days when very few people had Caller ID... :C now a days it's rare to know someone doesn't have the service haha