Spanking Chelsea

One day i was looking after Chelsea who was 5 years old for a friend as she had been naughty for a few days and her mum needed help to control her.....i had just put Chelsea over my knee for a bare bottom spanking and had just spanked her about 4 times when the phone rang,we had a phone at that time which auto answered after 3 rings which i forgot about.....within 10 seconds a ladies voice talked over the sound of the spanking and Chelsea`s crying and asked me if i wanted her to ring back as i sounded busy,i said yes could you ring in 10 minutes,the lady then became very annoyed and asked why 10 minutes,i hope you are not going to be doing that for 10 minutes...i politely told her to ring back at the time indicated and whatever i was doing and how long i would be doing it had nothing to do with her....she then asked me how old the child was that i was punishing...i told her 5 years old ....she asked me if i could take her off speaker and pick up the phone...i told her i was sat down on a chair and couldn`t get up to go to the phone as i was busy with Chelsea....she then gave me a lecture on not putting children over your knee to spank them as you hit them harder than you should and longer than you would if they were stood up for the spanking...i told her that it had nothing to do with her and if i was next to the phone i would have disconnected the call by now,i asked her to ring back in fifteen minutes as i wanted to finish the spanking on the little girl who was bare bottomed over my knee waiting for me to finish and let her off........the lady then gave me a lecture on not spanking the childs bare bottom as it hurt them too much,i told her that i wanted it to hurt her and that was why i was going to hit her as hard as i could to turn her bottom red now i was getting very mad with this stupid lady,so i positioned Chelsea on my knee as she had started to slip off and held her down with my hand on her back,then i started the spanking again,hitting her bottom very hard and loud as the lady on the phone asked me to stop,as Chelsea started to cry loudly again and the force of the spanking got louder.the lady disconnected the call,she never rang back and i never found out why or what she rang for
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You are a sicko. I seriously hope someone beats the **** out of you, naked and humiliated. That is, after-all, what you did to this poor girl. I'm from Canada where hitting a child in any way for any reason is illegal. As it should be. Just as beating your wife for not behaving the way YOU think she should is wrong, so is beating a child. In fact, it's worse. Judgement Day is coming, man, and you have nowhere to go but down.

**** sucker probably doesn't have children because I can guarantee if that lady had your number and heard you going at it you would be in jail faster then you get off on creating these lies.

Thanks for your go away,have a **** in your hands and applaud yourself for your uneeded comment

Get over yourself.