Lol..i Think God Called My Phone To Warn Me!!!!

i was auctually on this site,to share my recent ,very disturbing experience,with a telamarketer/scam thing,but something in someones post reminded me of an even weirder,supernatural experience,i had wit my cell phone,a few years back.i made a new friend,at the apostolic church,i was going too,where we lived at the time,it was about four and a half years ago.i will call her *susan.the very first time,she came to church,the pastor had her come to the front for prayer,but wouldnt tell us why,just siad we all needed to bind together,and pray for protection and for deliverance,for was really weird how this all happenned.anyways,we became very good friends,and it turned out,that while she was out,in the world,and backsliddedn,she made mistake of playing with the oijia board,and contacted a demon,posing as a spirit,of a deceased loved would not leave her alone,it talked to her,moved stuff around,messed with her head,all kinds of awful got so bad,that the only way,she could not here it,was if she went and did street drugs,and got high.(gee,maybe thats why it was harrassing her,to make her go do drugs)anyways,this is why she realized she really needed gods help,and gave her life back to god,and started going to our church.long story short,this thing didnt magically go away,and it was very strong,whatever it was,and it did not like me or when she came into my home,becouse the holy spirit,and annointing was in my home,and it couldnt talk to her,or do anything,in my home,just like at church,and other christian homes,the same thing happenned.the phone comes in,becouse this thing would get so mad,she would call me ,often at 2 and 3 in the morning,becouse she couldnt sleep,so i would pull out my bible,and begin to read gods word aloud over the phone,and taught her how to do this,so we spent many nights on the phone talking and reading gods word outloud,as it hated that,and usually it simmered down.several times,when we were close to figuering out what it was,or what she neeed to do,to get rid of it,it must have got mad,becouse it started doing things like making one,or both of our phones,just shut off,sometimes,both our phones,at exactly the same time,we both litterally hear a vioce,like someone was on a house phone,and picked up the phone in another room,but that was impossibel,we were both using,our cell phones.anyways,this voice gets on ,like somebody picked up the phone,we were both like "what is that?",then we hear "you two shut up now",in a deep,low growl.i was litterally so freaked out,i screamed,and threw my cell phone,and tried to rebuke it,in name of jesus,but for some reason,when i opened my mounth,to try and speak,my own words,the holy spirit took over,and it auctually came out in tongues,which that has never happenned to me before,it practically exploded ot of husband and kids wer freaked out too.anyways,about two weeks later,she had been at my house,and left.i never had any problems with this thing,or any other demonic activity in my home,as i know they get in thru sin,and open doorways,like horror movies,or ungodly music,or stuff on the tv.i was very strict with what i let my kids watch,even for cartoons.well,it was very adement it was going to find a doorway in,somehow,and it did.i accidently forgot to turn my kids tv off,one night,and it was on cartoon network.i was awoken by a strange sound,at about 200 am,and we had the bedrooms where the bathroom connected on the other side of each,so,basically,if you both bedroom doors to the bathroom open,you could see straight into the kids room,and they could see into ours,we normally always kept ours shut for privacy.somehow tht night,the doors were left open,which was good.i was awoken about two am,i have no idea what woke me up,and i look into my kids room,and saw what looked like a dark figuer standing over my oldest sons bed,i froze at first i was so scarred,and could not believe what i was seeing,as i had never seen anything this plqin as day didnt help that i was half asleep still.i didnt know what to do,so i closed my eyes and began to pray,when i opened them,it was gone.i still felt really scarrred,so i went to check on my kids,and when i went into thier room,i discovered how it got in,as there was some stupid cartoon on adult swim,that had to do with anemeie and japanese spells and witchcraft,etc,.it was very creepy an evil ,whatever it was.i shut off thier tv,and woke them up,and had them come in the bed with me,as i was relly worried,yhis thing may try and harm husband was awake by then,and agreed to go lay on the living room saofa,just so i could put the boys,in our bed,and have them sleep with me,so for him to do that,he felt creepy vibes too.i even put the daystar tv channel on in my room,as they play worship and praise music,all night long,with pretty nature scenes and stuff,its very peaceful and relaxing,it definetly made me feel better.we all fell back thing i know,im awoken,about 430 am,to my cell phone ringing,i was having a hard time,getting awake enough to answer it,and kept ignoring it,for about 25 minutes,whoever was calling,kept calling back.i was in tht state of sleep,where you are half asleep,half awake,its like your still sleeping,but you can hear whats going on around you.finally,i rembered that my cell was out of minutes,i didnt even have texting,my phone just shut off,everytime i went past the first,without buying another top up card,and we didnt have enough money to get a card,tht payday,so we had been without a cell phone almost two weeks,now i use my cell phone for everything,its my address book,my calander,my mp3 player,and ofcourse,like a watch,as i keep track of time with it,and i use it for alarm too.anyways,when i rembered this,i woke up with a start,like "what in the world".when i finally adjusted my eyes enough to see in the dimly lit room,that same shadow i saw in my kids room was there ,this time standing directly over me,i gasped and began to call the name of jesus and it like littwerally disappeared infront of my eyes,it just left it was so wierd.i was awake enough by then to realize what just happenned,i picked up my phone,and looked at the call history,on it,it showed there were like 4-5 calls,within a 20 minute period,all from my pastors cell phone.problem was,i had no service,so how in the heck did he get thru??the very next night we had service,i went up to him and asked him if for some reason he had called me,at like 430 am,several times.i was afraid he would think i was crazy,if i told him why ,finally i had to tell him,when i pulled out my phone history and showed him,and explained my service was off,he pulled out his,looked at his history,which there was no record of him calling,ofcourse.i must have looked really freaked out,becouse he smiled and siad"sister,theres nothing at all to be scarrd of,that was the lord,using the phone to wake you up and warn you,he was protecting you guys".i realized this was true,i began to cry,nad during worship service,i was just like "god,you are so good and faithful".anyways i have never had anything at all happen to me like this,before,or after that experience,and thankfully,my husband got a job offer,almost two hundred miles away,clear on other side of the state,so we moved away ,within weeks of that happening.i lost touch with the friend,but honestly,as much as i liked her and felt bad for her,no friendship is worth,risking inviting something like that into your home,and around your family,no matter what.i guess i never feared it,or even was concerned about it,becouse i know im filled with holy ghost,and i knew god would protect me,which he did,but after that xperience,i also realized you basically become like the people you associate with,so i decided i will never risk bringing someone who is mixed up with something like that around my family again,its not worth it.after we moved,it never bothered us again,this was one series of wierd phone calls,i was auctually thankful to recieve!!!
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That was a god story and God is good and faithfull but, I don't see how a demon could get in through a cartoon, they must have been using real spells in stuff in that show, I'm never leaving cartoon netowork on at night now lol, also I don't think you should have left your friend in the dark like that you should have took her to a priest or got a priest to bless her home. Also I don't believe demons can come through horror movies lol, just my opinion.

very moving story. thanks for sharing!