Creepy Experience With So-called "telamarketers"

ok,so this is the story i came to this site,originally to post,lol.dont worry,this one doesnt have any spirits or anything.ok,so,have any of you ever received a call,from the following number,206-456-0661????if you ever do,DO NOT ANSWER!!! they are a scam operation and our auctually under investigation for fraud and identity theft and hacking,by the fbi.anyways,i started to get calls from this number,about a week and a half ago.they usually begin calling around 830,am,and they often wake me up,which ****** me off,becouse i have lupus,i dont sleep well at night,im pretty much a nite owl,becouse of my illness,so i usually go to bed around 430 and i sleep until is kind of hard to do so,however ,with these jerk-offs calling several times a day,usually from 830 has gotten so bad,we usually have to turn the ringer off ,in the mornings,and sometimes,even in the afternoon,as we homeschool our kids,and i dont appreciatte the distraction of them calling all the time.they only call during the week ,by the way,never on weekends,and never after seven pm.anyways,every time we have answered for them,they dont speak,it sounds like someone is breathing,and just sitting there listening,or attempting to listen to what is going on in our home,freaks!!!well,there not going to hear anything too exciting,as we are just a typical,idaho,im sorry to disapiont them.well,anyways,i got sick of it,and started answering real bitchy,like "hello,talk,if youyr not gonna friggin talk to me,stop calling",they just sit there,i have waited up to about three minutes,and once i heard a recorded,female vioce say"goodbye"and hang up.tottally friggin insane.its like,excuse me,your calling me,i didnt call you,so dont sit ther and say in a smart assed vioce "goodbye".so anyways,i tried to call back the number,and it was a fast busy signal,another time it siad the number had been disconnected,another time it siad 'THE SUBSCRIBER YOU HAVE REACHED,IS TEMPORARILY OUT OF SERVICE,MESSAGE LG,"followed by a bunch of creepy numbers or codes.the guys voice on the message sounds like the "movie phone "guy.the whole thing,is like twilight zone.and,it gets even wierder!!!!so,i got sick of these douch bags calling constantly,and when i realized they are being really secretive about who they are and have no working number to call back,i knew they were definetly up to no good.i blocked the number,this lst thursday night.i blocked it from the phone itself,by calling *60,and following the prompts,and i double checked it made it onto the list,and then i went to my cable one account,online,and entered the number into the caller reject list,double checked that,it went thru,trust me,i made sure it was completly bloked,and there was no way they could ever call again.well,guess what,by friday morning,litterally,the very next morning,at 1023 am,they were calling,same damned number and everyhing.nothing had changed,it still said "unavailble"and just had the phone number,no bussiness name,no city,no stae,,i was livid by then,and googled thge number,to find out that they had litterally hundreds of complaints at about at least twenty different websites.i called my phone comapny,and told them what was going on and requested my number be changed,which,even though it was due to harrqssing calls,they still charged me $40.i questioned them about,how can they be getting thru from a number i blocked,and the service rep siad,its like,litterally impossibel,unless they are some type of like,terrorist or government level hackers,to have the knowledge and resources to do something like that,he was like"we are the phone company,we are the ones offering the service,and we cant even do that".so,anyways,we go thru the steps to change my number,and he tells me its going to take several hours for the change to happen,and ill be without service for awhile,but they will call me back,to give me the new number,and let me know when its activated.i forgot to mention,just like our old number,this one is nonpublished,private number.i do not give it out on internet websites,to telmarketers etc.same request was made with the new,after they call back with the new number,they tell us that the supervisor investigated the number thats been calling us,and since there are so many complaints and wierd,secretive things going on about this number,he decided to wave the 40$ fee,which was very nice of them.this is when we found out they are under investigation for all that stuff,by the fbi.the costomer service rep siad that the supervisor did some research and tht the phone number belongs to a telacommunications company,out of seattle,wa.,but that the comapny no longer uses this number,has not in several years,and has no affilitation with this number,or who ever is behind,at least the phone comapny is ware of this number,wish they would do something more than just investigate it and wave fees,ever heard of contacting the fcc and shutting them down,completely??anyways,by the way,if they ever call you,there either silent,like they were with us,or they have several others ways to try and steal your information,they want access to your computer,and they want your debit and bank account info,if you do not cooperate they become verbally abusive,even threatening people they will come to thier homes and beat them up,rape them and kill.they usually have thick indian or pakistanian accents.there two biggest ways they get people,is informing them they have a warrent out for thier arrest,due to an unresolved financial issue,like a payday loan or something,but if you make a payment today,they can stop the action,and squash the warrent,and when you give them the information to make the payment ,they keep your account numbers and wipe your account clean.the other one is saying they are partner of microsoft or windows or even windows live,and that your computeris sening them error messages,they claim that they can see it on the internet,and tht they are there to help you fix it,for free,and they ask you to go to your computer and type in a bunch of stuff,and go to this link,to get rid of the virus or trojan,when infact,you are auctually clicking on a link to let it in to your computer.they also aske permission to accessw your computer,so they can fix it,and they have told people your computer is infected,and spreading a very serious virus,and you could get in legal trouble.pretty much anything to get people to react,in a panic,and not think this thru.
so,to finish my story,so,after our number was successfully changed,i thought everything was over with.wrong!!!next thing we know,not even an hour later,we begin getting calls from the same type of nmbes,one from arizona,and one from florida.when i answered,same exact heavy breathing ,like the other calls,noone talks they just listen.same thing with the florida number,so we try and call them back,the florida rings but then goes to a fast busy signal,like the 206 number.the arizona number is a bussiness,but they wont reveal what they are,or thier name,i got a recording that says "you are calling this number,becouse someone from this number has called you,but is unavailble to take your call.please leave your name and number and they will get back to you"then it says"however,this person is not authorized to use this service".wtf???so,we googled these numbers and guess what,they are somehow suspected as being connectd to tht 206 number,clear in seattle.the arizona number is some place,trying to get people to sign up for online schooling(thus getting your bank account info)and the other one ,is posing as a collection agency.ok,this is what freaks me out,more than any of it,and the whole piont of writng this are they getting my number???also,i forgot that the florida number called twice,and i forgot someone did talk the second time,and she did ask for my name,she knew my first name,how is that possible if we are nonpublished,private,unlisted,and only had number,less than an hour,what the hell???i wonder if the other one knows my name,my piont is this.there is no way on gods green earth that this could be happening,unless one of two things is happening here.either,the phone comapny is selling thier costomers name,addresses and phone numbers,or posting them somewhere online.this is illegal,as they have to get permission from thier costomers to do so,they have to inform you they intend to do this,and they have to have your consent.they have told me repeatedly they do not do this,even with costomer consent,its not at all anything they would ever be a part of.number two scenerio..these people are running such a sophisticated organization,that they have found a way to hack into different phone companys files,and reteave the records of people personal info.what makes me even more suspicious of this,is that this 206 number originanally belonged to a major telacommunications company.if anybody would know how to break into a firewall for a phone,internet,cable company,and ow to get personal data on thier costomers,it would be someone who worked at a place like this,think about me ,this is extremly suspicious,and the most likely also somewhat suspicious of the possibilty,this could have something to do with microsoft,and may be some off the clock,or disgruntled employess??strangley enough,the location this number has been traced too,very coincedentally,is right on the same block or very close proximety to microsoft headquarers.when your computer acts up,it often sends you a message asking if you want to send microsoft an "error report".i do not ever click on those ,becouse i was warned along time ago,if you do,then you are giving microsoft unlimited access to your computer,and just incase they have anyone dishonest working for them,you dont want to do that.its very starnge that alot of the complaints posted about this number say,the caller told them that they were receiving error reports from the peoples computer,i find it stange that microsoft is the ones who suppossedly recieve the eroor,at this piont,i am starting to believe that in some wierd way,all of this is connected,and either the phone/cable providers are selling our info,to make more money,and lying about it,or there is dishonest employees within these comapnies doing it,and getting some type of pay on the side,or someone is working at the telecommunications place,and doing some sidework,on thier own,or for microsoft,and the same scenerio,or one of these companies have former employees responsable for all this .whatever the case,these complaints about all 3 of the numbers im having issues with,have been being made,for several years amazes me that someone hasnt made a connection here,hello,how hard is it not to connect the dots,everything traces back to telacommunications companies,all comapnies that are providing people with some sort of media services.sorry this was so long,but it was a long story.
has anyone else had any simuliar experiences??has anyone had phone calls from any of these numbers???does anybody know anything or have any ideas??/im not that worried about it persay,i dont banl online, just really intrigued by all this now,its kind of interesting!!!
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please excuse all the mispellings and typos!!!i do thast when im writing something,thats rather long,and im trying to hurry!!!