Female Caller with southern accent: Is this Kingshelman?
Me: Yes Speaking
Caller: Did you or anyone you know, call the Jerry Springer show?
Me: Uh...no?
Caller: Are you sure you didn't call the Jerry Springer show?
Me: I am positive, why do you ask?
Caller: I am from the Jerry Springer show, and we received a call with your name and information saying you wanted to be a guest on our show...If you didn't call than its no bother. Have a good night.
End of call

2 years later I was telling this story to my friends, and one of them started cracking up right when I started telling it. I knew something was up, so he confessed he called the Jerry Springer Show and told them I was having sex with my pets. In case you are wondering I was not having sex with my pets.
Kingshelman Kingshelman
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lol good one.



I like those friends!

That's the best thing I have read all day! Made my day :))

My gosh what a mean friend but funny

He is actually one of the nicest people I have ever met. He just plays jokes from time to time. As do I.

Haha I make jokes like this but I notice my friends don't like me for it.