Sharing A Hotel Room With A Hot Co-worker

After working a few years, a new, and very, very hot, unmarried woman joined our company.  I was single, as were many of my male coworkers.  They were afraid to talk with her, and only wanted to discuss (among themselves) having sex with her.  I had professional contact with her.  Although I liked her I knew she wasn't my type.  So, I was about the only young male there not plotting to have sex with her.  So, we became friends, and the rumors started.

We both had to go to a client's site.  There were supposed to be two rooms, but there was only one reserved.  The hotel was otherwise full, and we needed to stay at the same place.  We were friends, and she said we should share the room (it had two beds).

When we got up to the room, I told her I had only my underwear to sleep in.  She replied that she had only a tank top to sleep in.  We agreed that it was OK.

We worked until about 10:00, than it was time for showers and we discussed how to transition into our nightwear in an appropriate manor.  We both agreed to remove one piece of clothing at a time, down to our underwear.  Socks were easy.  I then removed my pants, and she did the same.  Her pubic hair was visible through her panties.  But, my penis was outlined by my briefs.

Next, I took off my shirt, expecting her to do nothing.  To my surprise, she unbuttoned her blouse.  Wow!  I couldn't help staring a little, which she didn't seem to mind.  Then she said "My tank top covers nothing, so," and removed her bra.  Wow times ten.  She then told me to take a shower first, which I did.  She was topless when I emerged, and went in for a shower.

When she put on her tank top, I saw she was correct.  It covered virtually nothing.  But looking was as far as we went.

Anyway, we visited the clients the next day, and back to the office.  You can imagine the rumors, and nobody knew there was only one room.

We remained friends, and eventually she married, as I did a year after her.  We remain friends to this day.  I am not sure she would have consented to sex that night, but I doubt we would still be friends if we had sex.  Our friendship, her friendship with my wife, and my friendship with her husband are worth much more than a possible one night stand.

By the way, neither of us shared this story with our spouses.  One of the very few secrets I kept from my wife.
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2 Responses May 24, 2010

If she had only a tank top on you should've given her the full Monty so she could see your junk too. Fair is fair.

I am going on a business trip on Monday. I hope my story is similar to yours BUT I am sexually frustrted and if there is a hot guy in my room, I plan on making a fantasy *** true! --Kelly