They Were Already Naked

This past saturday night a bunch of guys and myself went out to the bar, about a mile up the road mostly business parks between my house and there. We walked because of the proximity and also it meant we didn't have to really worry about how much we drank. once we were good and tipsy we decided it was time to call it a night, my buddy Matt lives just down the street from me. While we were passing through a business park, thinking it was a short cut, we started hearing two or three people cheering, and another voice yelling at the top of their lungs "I'm naked and loving it" both of us being single right now decided we needed to investigate. As we came around a building there was this gorgeous mid twenties blonde, and her three friends all recording her and taking pictures with there cameras. As we walked up the naked girls noticed and shrieked high pitched enough to break glass. she quickly covered her naked body. and ran behind one of her friends. at this point it's gotten a little weird, I can only assume they think we're there to make trouble. I assure them we're not, just heard a girl yelling about being naked and wanted to see what was up. the friends look at us and look at her and tell her audience or not you lost the bet you got todo. At this point Matt asks about the bet, and apparently she'd lost some drinking game they were playing and she had to run a mile naked, they'd picked this bussiness park because they didn't want to expose her to the world but wanted to make her run about naked and get some photos. at this point the girl had uncovered herself and started running, her breats about a thirty two C we bouncing about as she ran her firm toned buttock had nearly no jiggle as it ran. as she came back around the first loop of the building her friends snapped a bunch of pictures, matt had his phone out and was taking pictures too. About three laps later she was done and standing there naked talking to her friends and us about everything. her shaven body not hidden at all. I of course half drunk had the bravery of a berserker and asked if i could have a photo with her. She looked at me kind of smiled and said only if you take your clothes off too. Little did she know i'd do it. So i quickly pull my tshirt and jeans off, and am standing there in my boxer shorts. I quickly pull them off revealing myself to four total stranger in the middle of a business park parking lot. she looks stunned that i went through it with. I walk over and swing my arm around her shoulder and look at matt and tell him to snap away. Matt must have taken nearly a dozen photos before he's done. Her friend begin snapping too, but telling her todo things like take a knee or cup my testicals. the two favorite shots they suggested were the hidden nudity, one where she stood behind me and reached around to cover my ball and the other where i stood behind her and cupped her breasts while she covered her vagina. After that we all put our clothes back on and went our seperate ways, i can safely that is among the most interesting nights i've had in awhile now.
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Sep 11, 2012