I Came In His Mouth

I went for a walk in the park by house. I stopped to use the rest room I was sitting on the toilet and there was no door on the stall.This man came in and seemed surprise like he thought it was empty he apologized I said it was ok.Then he just stood there looking at me and ask if he could see it I showed him and he asked me to stand up. I did, he reached out and felt my **** and then asked what I liked i said head and he got on knees and started sucking my ****.His hot mouth felt good on my **** it was exciting being there getting my cocked suckled after a few minutes I came in his mouth he sucked it all down got up and left

dogfish2use dogfish2use
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2 Responses Mar 31, 2010

wish that was me sucking your **** and when i get done give you that wish of ******* all over your body

now that must have been fun