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a lady stopped me on the street to tell me that Jesus told her to give me $200, but that i had to come to her house that night alone to get it.


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15 Responses Jan 11, 2008

I would "politely refuse" and quickly go into the next building that i saw... That is kind of creepy.

Oh.. wow.<br />
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I probably would have been nice to her (even though I was terrified), and then made sure to lock all my doors and windows after I went home. Ahahah.<br />
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Did she give you her address and everything?


it wasn't hers.

I would've asked her to have it walk on water- maybe perform a miracle or two.

just a feeling. call it intuition ;)


I would have run like hell and locked the door behind me!<br />
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I have worked with schizo's! And they never said anything so crazy!<br />
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Well, except for the one who wanted to slit my throat, but I just ignored the knife in his hand and went back to work.<br />
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And I lived to tell the tale! :)))

What kind of dog was Jesus?

either drugs or just pure old-fashioned crazy.

it's funny now that it's over. at the time it was scary as h*ll.

(i don't think it was though)

i live in a pretty big city, so people go missing all the time. this was actually part of an extended conversation that occurred while i was waiting to be picked up from work. it also included her pointing out a dog and telling me that it was Jesus.

Uuuuhhhh.....has anyone gone missing in your town lately? I would steer clear of Mrs. Jaqueline the Ripper.

i don't know why she wanted me to come over, but i sure as heck wasn't going to find out.