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Let me start by saying there's nothing like a parents love. I know many kids are raised by others and are loved as much so as us so no disrespect intended. My lil sis and I were and still are just raised by mom. I'm 18 my sister is 14 we are both great students, respect our peers and adults. We both attend private school and regularly participate in church. We love sports and being active. Moms love and hugs far outweighed the discipline.

Yes like all kids and teens we made bad choices and we had consequences. Yes there are times I may not agree with moms rules or wishes but I know she loves us. And I often see how my friends act then brag about how they've never been told no or punished at all.
I'm new here love to make nice polite friends. I just turned 18 mom wouldn't let me join net groups until I turned 18.
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I'm glad you've joined, and you are a lucky woman to have had such great parents. I too had an idyllic childhood in most ways; not perfect, but compared to most, pretty close. I'd like to welcome you and be friends. Sincerely, Roger

Very nice

I think you are very lucky and your mother is absolutely right in making you wait until you were 18.

I had super-strict parents too, but thank God we all grow up :)

please add me my parents are extremely strict to

A sensible and responsible mom you have.

Megan i'm with Tina: great!

You mom obviously did a wonderful job raising you.

discipline with love is always good 😊

Yes spankings hurt. How your mom spanks sounds a lot like how get it. Ablaborate on where mom spanks and with what?

I guess, mom knows best

well said.

As a mom who have been raised by a strict mom (and dad), and also have raised 3 kids myself, I can see that you are raised by a loving and caring mom. Looking back today, I am so thankful that my mom raised me the way she did, and she is still alive and we have a wonderful relationship. I also have a great relationship with my own kids, who I have raised almost the same way my mom raised me. It's very comforting to know that it's the same loving person, and the same hands and laps that care enough to punish you, that also dishes out love and comfort. Even if it feels horrible to be spanked when it happends, you know that it's done out of love and care. You should be thankful to have a mom like that, and I am sure you are.

your mother was just like mind I am so happy she cared about me growing up

Love to chat with you more. Can you add me?
Your mom spanked you until what age or still?

Megan when is the last time you were over your mother knee, with your bare bottom up? what had you done to earn that?

Nice story. My sister and I had similar upbringings.

Your mom sounds a lot like my mom, I guess all really good moms sound alike. I have an awesome dad too so I've been doubly blessed. But I can relate to you in a lot of things, the church activities, parents that love us, and other kids who haven't got a clue what real freedom, caring, love and protection is all about. God bless you Megan.

Megan, your story shows maturity beyond your years. Many people take far longer to realize that when their parents punished them or just told them no it was done out of love and concern for them. Your mother obviously loves you immensely and I think the best way you can show your appreciation will be to one day be an equally great mom to your own kids, should you be blessed with any. Meanwhile, continue showing her your appreciation for all she does for you in any way you can.

I was thinking exactly the same thing. I'm very impressed.

i am a father of 4 and as a parent i know its hard to show how much you love a child when you have to discipline them and always being the bad guy but my kids all know i would do any thing for them and always love them add me if you want to talk

Hi there,how u doing? Just wanted to add to what u posted about a mom,s love! First I would like to thank your mom for doing such a great job raising u n your little sis.When I read your story ittold me alot about u even thou I dont know u :) U r typical teenager that goes through life,but whats not the norm theses days is that when u make a poor choice on something or something like that,mom comes to your aid n guidez u n your sis with tough love which equals your mom giving u a spanking.wish there were more mom,s out there like yours,we need to bring spankings back into the homes.When I grew up there was respect for your edlers if not u were found over someones knee getting a spanking that left your butt sore n thinking about why u just got a spanking. Respectfully yours SPNKBOOTY :)-------

us moms discipline our children because we love them. People who do not are sometimes afraid to do so.


I know you are 18 and legally considered an adult, but I really feel a lot of times children don't mature into that adult, for at least a few years yet, that society expects them to be.

However, just from reading your post you show a lot of wisdom for your young years. It sounds like your mother has done a wonderful job in raising her 18 yr old girl. Or, I should say young woman.


Thank you for your kind words.
I do my best to make good choices.

Megan, thanks for the nice post. I'm your age and my family also is in the church which is supportive and my sisters and I are blessed with wonderful parents. Strict parents are loving parents and even discipline at our ages must be respected.

It's nice to see a young lady who participates in church and appreciates and understands why her mother was strict. Bless you, honey.

Thank you ma'am for your kind words

you have many chance miss

did your mother give good education with a few spanking

Nicely written. I'll just add a simple "me too."

Such a sweet and true post. That's the same way i feel about mom

I'm sure the foundation your Mom laid for you and your sister will help you. Be on guard for wolves in sheeps clothing.

Sounds like you have a great mom. What typr of consequences did your sister and you get.