Mum Was An Expert With The Hairbrush

How well I remember the searing sting of the hairbrush as Mum turned my bare bottom into a blazing red inferno.O yes over her knees I learned many a pain full lesson as I howled and pleaded for her spanking to stop.The searing sting of that brush had me reaching the scale of a boy soprano who could be heard by anyone in the house pleading Mum between spanks for it to stop.But it never did until the hairbrush had reduced me to a bawling brat who was still crying throughout my half hour corner time which followed every one of Mum's spankings.Even at 16 I was still going across Mum's knees and crying my eyes out "just like a naughty boy should"as Mum used to say.I use to spank dance to the corner and then it was hands on head to feel the stinging burn with no relief.My nose would run as tears flowed but all I could do was sob and sniff.Mum would sometimes let me blow my nose with a hanky....but wiping away tears was forbidden.Also if I was shifting and squirming to much Mum would come over and smack the backs of my legs which added my misery....the worst of the "afterburn" used to start about a couple of minutes in to my corner time and last a good 15 to 20 minutes..gosh that time went slow
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Child abuse... pure and simple.

I remember those days being across my mom's lap getting my hiney blistered with the hairbrush. It was quite common when I was a kid and all my friends and the other kids who lived on my street were soundly spanked now and then.

are you asian´╝č

Any erection during spanking?

I can remember being actually blinded by my own tears during a hairbrush spanking. I couldn't see a thing, but I sure felt the brush setting fire to my bottom. It was truly terrifying!

You were lucky. I was supposed to take my punishment like a man and that meant I wasn't allowed to do the spanking dance. After a spanking, I was supposed to be submissive and contrite and I couldn't even rub my bottom until my stepfather had left the room.

I remember the runny nose too. It was miserable. Stinging butt, teary eyes and snot dripping from my nose. That's how I spent some of the most memorable moments of my entire childhood!