My Mama Doesn't Play

My mama has alway been strict even now but I thank her because every time she told me NO I understand that it was for my own good. I am 25 years old and I still run to my mama for advice and I alway will. My mother was strict but she never really had to use physical discipline she did but not often. I live in NYC the bronx I was a teenager and I wanted to be in the street. At the time I just wanted to hang out with my friends, but she would tell me honey you can go outside but don't move from where I can see you... all my friends would want to go down the block so I would disobey my mother's rule and go (wrong thing to do) I never new but she would be watching me from the window. When I would come back she would call me upstairs and tell me that my disobedience had consequences. Later in my life I am greatful that she didn't let me roam the streets freely. We have to learn the our mother (well most ) don't want their children around bad influences and they want them to follow the right path.
I am a mother and my son is only 2 but I know that I'll probably will be strict but not too strict I will try to communicate with him the best I can sometime parents tell their kids No without giving them a logical reason
Kid :mom can I go to the park with my friends?
Parent: no
kid: why ?
Parent: Because I said no
this is wrong especially to a teenager
parent: because it is a school night or whatever reason
communication is key
nicelysweet87 nicelysweet87
22-25, F
Sep 6, 2012