Strict Party Mom

I was raised by a divorced mom. She led quite the party lifestyle. She would go out to bars,clubs,parties,androck concerts. She always had a glass of wine and cig in her hand.
You would expect a cool mom like this not to be strict. Wrong! She was strict as hell. She was always yelling at me, snapping out orders, placing restrictions on me,etc. I was generally well behaved but it was never good enough and she would give me long painful
spankings. She would then lecture me as tears rolled down my eyes. I would feel powerful emotions...not anger but love and deep respect towards her.
My mom especially liked to humiliate me. She would yell at me in public all the time. She would be especially strict towards me when her pretty girlfriends came over. She would order me to get in my pajamas and come back downstairs. She would tell her girlfriends what I did wrong and they would start lecturing me too. Sometimes they would point and laugh at me. Then my mom would order me to go to bed. I would hear my mom laughing out loud downstairs. The same woman who was the life of the party was the strictest mom in town.
Cleancut Cleancut
1 Response Jan 12, 2013

did she ever spank you?

Yes she did. Her spankings were long and painful...especially when she was drinking.

how did mom spank you? did her girlfriend spank you too?