Little Backsass!

Apparently to my mom, when I was a girl, I was a back sass. Always sassy and having my butt reddened. Well once I remember this:
I was 11. "Mom, please may I go to the concert?!" "No, for the love of God, Taylor!" "Please everyone else is." "I also know everyone else gets spanked." She said. She smacked me really hard just enough to get my butt pink. She then said, "Back Sass! You go to my room!" She said pushing me on my pink butt. When I got there she yanked down my pants and pulled me over. She took her belt and slapped me until my butt was red, red, red. Then she took her hairbrush after 5 minutes of resting and slapped me with that on my bootie and thighs. I learned this: Don't you be a back sasser
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I had a good mother too. Can you add me? Now I am a spanking mom too.

That was quite a spanking for a little bit of back talk. I'm surprised you ever got to sit comfortably. I would use the hairbrush if back talk was excessive but the belt must have really hurt.

I remember being spanked a lot,usually for a legitimate reason, even though I couldn't sit for days the worst part was the nasty comments.(There are things you don't say to a three year old) I still freak out when I hear anything that sounds remotely like a belt buckle and I'm 20 now!

she had a quick temper that left u with a red sore butt did she spank you often? My mom would spank but like in your case it would have been after many apealings to her keep on bothering her about it and at least one warning befores he would have put me otk and spanked good to tears

My brother hates back sass.. He will still slap me if I get sassy with him.

how old r u and brother does he spank u often?

17 and yeah..

Yikes... what ever happened to "I don't care what everyone else does" or "if your friends jump off a bridge, are you going to do that too". Glad you survived.

IDK!??!! :) yes. those sayings would be alot better than my red butt.

My mom used to say, "That's Everybody Else's Mother's problem."