Strict Mother

I had a very strict mother always got spanked with either a belt or switch. Her spanking belt was a old army belt she got at yard sale wide and thick it did alot of damage to me bare butt. When i got the switch she had me go outside in the yard and bring her a switch. If she did not approve of the switch she would get a switch hefself and tell me i got spanked longer for not getting the proper switch
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Some things the same for me in my childhood... You are romanian ? :)

Bringing oneself a switch for one's own whipping is a good level of obedience. My respect to your mom.

Wow the belt and switch sting. Most of my spankings were from my mom with the hairbrush - that was awful. But my dad used his belt a few times and once my aunt gave me a good switching - so I know how it was for you.

I don't remember ever reading a switching story from you. Did you write about that experience?

My mother used a paddle she got from one of those paddle-ball games. If we were out, we got it in public on the spot if we needed one, with our pants pulled down, and those occasions were with her hairbrush.


Sorry new to this site i will post longer stories