so my mom and dad are real old fashioned baptists. They say that girls and boys have very different roles in life and mom says for me I am being raised to be a proper wife one day. That means that my clothes have to be a certain way ie real modest like knee length skirts and dresses that are not too form fitting and like no showing of cleavage. and like with swimsuits they gotta be the one piece kind often with a swimskirt built in and if not built in over top along with a rashguard so that nothing shows pretty much. but it isn't just clothes it is chores, how I use my time, boys, the list goes on and on. and like you break any rules here and your bottom is spanked. so yeah I have a really really strict mom.
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It's not easy to forge something perfectly, it takes time and pressure to make a diamond, but that very much seems to be what you are, a diamond among rocks and coal. Your mom is good to be raising you properly to be a good wife for someone, I've been looking for a good wife like that for a long time and still haven't found one, let me tell you that most young women these days have been ruined, allowed to fall to nothingness. You will be a great blessing to whichever man might be gifted by God to receive you as his wife, and your life will be all the richer for it because any good man would treat you like the jewel of his life.

how are you , can we talk?

Great to have loving parents

well have fun exploring around those guide lines. I think she is developing you as a good wife the way she sees it. Modern wives and woman can still be modest and sexy. Just because you like to look good and flirt with your attire doesn't make you a bad girl or ****. just remember everything has it's place to be worn and A good woman wouldn't undermine herself by dressing inappropriately. A one piece swim suits can be sexy, but the little skirts should only be worn outside of the swimming area. What's a rash guard? Time to buy your own cloths?

pm me i would love to chat with you :)

Sounds like a loving mom too

Will you be in a dd relationship when you are married?

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Great parents !!


Sounds like you sure got spanked. How did your parents spank you??

Im sure you do your best to follow the rules

Msg me?

That sounds really hard for you.

please add me we are all spanked in our house for everything lets talk peter

I am still spanked with sisters please add me

I know you find it difficult now but one day you will be glad that your mother is strict and that she is bringing you up to be a Godly women.

MyMom is strict also and she spanks me for pretty much every misbehavior my little sister gets away with much more then I do.

have you ever seen your mom spank your sister? add me lets chat.

My sister almost never is spanked. If she is its in her room or I'm told to go out of the room.

Ahh. How old is your little sister?? Where you from?

hello, I had Baptist parents, too. then I had a spank husband, could you add me to your friends?

I'm so sorry

Wanna add me? :)

And what happens if you get caught out wearing something you shouldn't? Do they regulate your underwear as well?

Add me to your list of friends so we can chat about your spankings

Would love if we could hat sometime add me please.

good for you. when were you last spanked? they will continue spank you until what point in time? can you add me, please?

mine was not baptists but strict religious and there was a lot of rules that must be obeyed at all times if any was broken it was the belt so i can under stand what you are saying

Your lucky you have one give you in line

If you like to talk message me