I Did

have sugardaddy when I was 18.
I met him first time in a park at night time, he was just lonely old man and wanted to be with me and have me as his friend.
Later we did become lovers and started to date regulary.
I did meet him every Tuesday 8pm in park,
He did like to kiss me and touch me everywhere,
He often bring me to expensive restaurant to eat,
He did bring me shopping for clothes and bring me to his place because his wife was out every Tuesday.
I remember I so much wanted him to divorce his wife and marry me,
I did fall in love with him even he was 40 years older than me.
He did like to look at me touch myself while he was talking to me, then he did like me to kiss his coc*k and suck it but he never forced me to do anything I didn’t want to.
(I had bad experience before with young men and boys, they were all so rough, rude and impolite)
He gave me money and presents and every time I did go “all the way”
like make love
with him he gave me even more money.
He was handsome polite gentleman and I miss him

desireforpassion desireforpassion
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ok you now that time has gone now pl. dont remember past time pl. enjoy persent time and enjoy too much as you like..mmmmm