Strange Experience

i was in 12th class at that time, 5 years before now,...till now i haven't shared my experience on internet..but now i m quite curious about knowing what exactly happened..

here it goes..
in my 12th std, i used to sleep at the top floor with my grandma, it was the only room on the floor. i used to walk around on the floor listening to songs and radio even till 2 at night..i enjayed it.

it was holi (24th march), which i played the whole day outside, in the afternoon. on 25th march, i had my chemistry exam, for which i was studying in night, sitting in the room. on left side of our house, there is a quite long park.

while engrossed in study, i heard the voice of ghungroos, as if someone is walking step by step, wearing them, in the park. at first, i tried to ignore it, but as soon as i saw the time on my watch, i was was 3:15 am !!

after hearing that voice 4 times, i called my grandma, saying "chai!!" and as soon as i said this, that voice stopped.
after a second, my grandma replied "yes?" ... i said, did u hear a voice from the park nearby? 
she replied "noo??"   
however, everybody has different views regarding this,.. since i used to worship saraswati ma during those days, my grandma said that after 2 am, its the time of deities. but again she had one more point, that i played holi in the noon,,,and afternoon is not a nice time to roam around, as far as such supernatural things are concerned
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May 6, 2012