An Unforgetable Night..

It happened around three years back, and till now i don't know why and how it happened. All i know is that i was really scared and even today the memory makes me a little nervous.
Before i tell you what happened that night here something about me. I am a Roman catholic by birth, went to church every sunday and sometimes even every other day of the week. I talked to god and read the bible every night before going to sleep as it was a habit i got ever since i was a little girl.
Okay so here goes... I remember talking and sharing a few laughs with my room mates that night before heading to my bed. When i got to my bed i read the bible as usual and putting the blanket over my head slowly difted off to sleep. The next thing i know is someone/ something breathing into my ear, i could even feel the breath getting louder and almost sounding like an angry wild animal. I was really scared, i felt something going out of my body and the next i see was my own body breathing like i was looking into the mirror or something. I saw my chest inhaling and exhaling, i also felt the blanket up against my back, i wanted to open my eyes and get out of this whatever it was but i couldn't as if something was suppressing me. Finally i woke up with a sweat and a gasp! I jumped up on my bed and looked around my room quivering uncontrollably. There was a huge sense of fear inside me that made me cry. It was around 2 in the morning and my roomies were sound asleep. I coudn't sleep after that, and i just kept praying and praying myself to sleep somehow. After that i never really experience anything like this again and i don't realy know what happened that night although it sounds very short i felt like it lasted foever.
hosuewife hosuewife
May 18, 2012