"I Had a Supernatural Experience"

First of all for anyone reading this let me verify that I do believe in God and Jesus Christ I just have not been to church in a long time. I do however and have always believed that things can happen to people things that can not be explained by the logical or rational mind. Last night I had trouble falling asleep. I had the TV on in my bedroom watching the late news. Just as I started to get relaxed enough to where I felt like I could drift off I felt what seemed like someone sitting down on the edge of my bed. You know how it feels when the bed sinks down as if a person has sat there? Well that is exactly what it felt like. I didn't think too much of it because I was starting to get pretty tired and our minds can play tricks on us right? Well today while I was on my computer I had my TV on behind me so I could listen to the news as I was checking my messages. I had lights on in the room and everything. Well my power didn't go out but my TV turned off by itself. I thought maybe the remote was on my computer desk and I may have hit it by accident. Well I looked and to my surprise the remote was on the other side of the room on my coffee table. Weird huh? Back in 2000 shortly after the death of my grandmother I started feeling that someone sitting on my bed just like last night. That had happened before a few times but until last night it had been a long time since I have felt that. The reason I mentioned in the beginning of my story that I do believe in God is because a lot of my dear friends are Christains and I know they do not believe in these things. So I am not sure what these occurences are that I have experienced. I don't feel threatend or affraid in anyway mainly just curious! Has anyone had a similar experience they would like to share or an opinion on what this may be?

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I am christian. I believe in God because I communicated with his Holy Spirit. To all those psychics and atheists who don't believe because they don't see God...try communicating with the Holy Spirit. You are not going to see God The Father while you are on earth...highly unlikely..communicate with God The Holy Spirit it works. The things I saw I have to keep secret.

It's a demon trying to trick you into believing that it's your deceased Grandmother trying to take care of you. That way if you were to believe that her soul hadn't gone to Heaven or Hell, then you'd believe that there was another way of delaying the process of crossing over, and could go to Hell because of that belief. Don't worry it's not like the demon's going to kill you or anything, no demon is strong enough to kill someone. Just say "In the name of Jesus Christ, I banish you from this place." And it'll get kicked out.

God started communicating with on a regular basis 25 years ago when I was 39. It was shortly after my husband died. I noticed that the radio station would play songs that fit whatever was happening at the time
for example Mr. Postman when I went to the Post Office. It freaked me out. I didn't know it was God. I thought someone was spying on me. It took years of this before I finally comprehended cystitis the Holy Spirit
I am pretty comfortable with it by now. I think of it as my own burning
Bush. It has expanded to include many avenues of communication. So far it seems to be God confirming that He is always with me. He has me do some things also which result either in blessings for me or someone else.

I don't believe on this kind of things. Do you see a Supernatural movie before this? I have a

weird but you should go to a medium in malaysia or something and ask them

I have experienced these things my whole life along with my Mother, Grandmother and both brothers. I have not spoken about it that much and was unaware of my family’s experiences until a apparition I had on many occasions was described to me in detail by my brother and Grandmother on diffent occasions. This evening (its 2000hrs over here) I answered a question from a Awesome EP member regarding a Author who I was drawn in a quest to understand things gave me the Idea to share my experiences.<br />
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My name is Antony and I am a rational well balanced person in a profession that has constant Physic evaluations so please believe me when I say I’m not nuts.<br />
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When I was about 10 I used to see this lady she so vivid she had a red cardigan and a plad skirt you could never see her feet she had 1920s hair and makeup. The lady would go into my Grandmothers room and stand in front of the wardrobe and go through the motion of putting things onto the top shelf. She made no noise would look at you if you were in the room and then vanish. At times she stayed longer if she did not look at you and that’s the only place in the house she would show up. I remember the first time I saw her I knew she was special I felt calm and had no fear I don’t know why. I never spoke of her I just knew not to bring it up and saw her on a few occasions over the years.<br />
About 20 years later and a few weeks after my Grandfather died I found my Grandmother sleeping on the sun porch floor (glass room just before the front door) in front of her house. I remember this like it was yesterday I said what happened nana she started crying and crying she said she had no one to look her after and she is scared of the lady now. I asked what lady she answered the lady in my bedroom I always see her. I knew who she ment and asked what she looks like. My nana described her exactly as I had seen her. I had a chat with my brother and told him what had happened and what our nana was going through. Before I could finish my brother described her exactly. The weird thing is why none of us talked about her.<br />
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On one occasion I was lying on the couch watching TV when a heavy crystal glass that was sitting in front of me on the coffee table rose about three inches then shattered into hundreds of pieces. That scared me that did not feel right and I ran outside it took a few hours before I came back inside.<br />
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I have had music boxes turn on and start playing during the night on several occasions and for some reason they did not scare me I just let them play.<br />
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I worked in an old Hotel were countless things happened. I was the bouncer and one of my jobs would be to turn off all the lights once everyone left then lock up. This was a huge Hotel with allot of area to cover. I had internal doors slam shut on me with a great force just as I was about to walk through them. (No draft or wind) Rows of chairs that were stacked against the wall would come crashing down. I would find doors that I locked open again or lock the front door only to see either the internal lights or the carpark lights turn on. Shadows would zip around that I would pick up in my peripheral vision or I would hear footsteps alongside me once and only once I heard my whispered in my ear. One of the older managers said wait till he comes to visit I thought nothing of that. One morning I woke up to find every door of my house including the garage door wide open. That never happened again.<br />
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My Mother has told me that when she wakes at night she seees a black shadow either sitting or standing by her bed.<br />
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The weird thing is I am allways calm when these things happen.

I have also heard of more of these events occurring. The truth is, I believe fully that's it's demonic. Demons can appear to be friendly and entice you into believing in ghosts, etc. As Satan's time draws near, he's doing everything he can to deceive you. Thus the name 'Great Deceiver'. Just be careful and make sure to call on the name of Jesus if you're scared.

Few people can connect with the energies, it's no fun believe me!

I'm really glad to read this. I was thinking about posting my own story. About three, maybe more, times in the last couple of weeks I've had the same feeling. I've just been drifting off though so thought it could just be my imagination or my legs doing some really mad heavy pushing down but... my legs aren't that long really! LOL. Honestly, I know this feeling is coming form the bottom corner of my bed and I sleep alone in a king size! It doesn't scare me though. It's a shock at the time but I think/ hope it's my Dad coming to sit and spend a minute. Lx

I didn't believe in God at all for about four years. I was 20 years old and I was about to go to sleep it was 2 am. I laid down on my stomach and I felt this warming power over my back, I’ve never felt anything like this before, so I sat up and looked around but there was nothing there, I don’t even know why I looked around. Then I laid down again but I felt the same warming power on my back so I said to myself lets see where this is going. Then I was on my back and my head moved. I didn’t move my head God moved my head. And I said to myself “God is real”. Then I began to hold a conversation with God asking him why is he showing his self to me now, I remember saying “I’m only 20 years old” I haven’t even been old enough to legally drink and now you give me this experience”. Even though I didn’t know about God I knew how people of God carried themselves and I didn’t think I was ready to attach myself from the world. But to conclude this story God told me to call my aunt and I said to God “it’s 2 in the morning I’m not calling my aunt” then God sat me up to call her because she is a preacher and when she answered I said “God is real” and I began to cry hysterically (I was a 20 year old black male and I never saw my father cry so I felt crying was a sign of weakness) but I cried hysterically then mixed in some laughter because of the unrealness of what just happened. But that wasn’t it my aunt was praying and reading the Bible and I began to speak in tongues. The amazing thing about that is I’ve never heard anyone speak in tongues before and I always thought that kind of thing was fake. Then I fell asleep and when I woke up in the morning I had this permanent smile on my face, I was just happy to be alive and know that God was really real.

This is a very common occurrence now. I believe you when you say you believe in God and His Son. It is not a succubus or an incubus, these 2 classified spirits will try and have sex with you. It sounds like that the spirit that was sitting on your bed, and turning your television off, wanted to get your attention for some reason. <br />
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Have you had any other contact with the Spirits? If so, the only protection you have is prayer, and I would suggest you pray the Our Father with a sincere and humble heart. <br />
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It could have been a family member who have crossed and returned to GOD, but then again it may not be. They can read your thoughts and see everything you do. They communicate and do everything telepathically. <br />
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There is no difference between ghosts and spirits. When we have no physical body, we are all Spirits. Angels are Spirit Beings, GOD is a Spirit Being. <br />
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I hope this has helped.

I've had many experiences. There is a difference between ghost and spirits. Sometimes their even our Guardian Angels/Guilds. I know it feels really weird when something happens like that. I use to go through changes myself. Truth is it happens a lot where I'm living and I'm used to it, and sometimes very annoyed. <br />
I just now caught the date of this post, and I'm curious if anything else has happened. I have a feeling about it and would love to find out if I was right or not. WM

I can't figure out how we get the idea now that ghosts and spirits are not part of Christianity. Catholics practiced exorcism to drive away demon possessions, while protestants often held seances to contact the deceased. Non-recognition of spiritual beings is a position many Christian groups have recently taken up. Not believing in ghosts means not to believe in an afterlife. Unfortunatly becoming a ghost is not good news as it means the ghost is Earthbound by some source of guilt or as a result tragic or heinous death. This spirit will resort to haunting. A great movie on the subject is "The Others" with Nicole Kidman.

Yeah my mom has had a similar experience but let me add our appartment is haunted by a blonde woman who use 2 stay there we later found out she died in a car accident but let me add she is not threatening

Probably just an incubus or succubus. Nothing to worry about:)<br />
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I would suggest it's a version of "Old Hag Syndrome", you may find this interesting: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnagogia

Hi there! I've sort of had something like that happen to me, but its an ongoing thing....In the middle of the night the bottom left corner of my bed shakes, not like roughly or anything like that, but enought to where it wakes me up! I'm actually not scared, it's been happening about 3-4 times a week for about 2 years now, it gets more annoying than anything and I will kick the corner of the mattress and say 'I'm tired, let me sleep' and it normally stps right away. Weird huh? I'm glad Im not the only one. I'm not sure who or what it could be though.....