Seems Like You Want The Things You Can't Have...

So i got stuck in an awkward situation, and staring at my phone to pretend i'm texting somebody won't get me out of it. Things were completely normal and so right, until he came into my life.
Turns out he is my Spanish teacher, one of those guys who looks at life through the lens of 'moral' and the kind of teacher that throws a pen at you instead of telling you to shut up. He is single, 16/17 years older than me and from my best friend's eyes, he is good-looking. Every single girl student falls for him but me. He's not standing out of the crowd to me, but to him, i am more than standing out.
Let me start from the very beginning: last year. Every class he never stopped staring at me. Not even for just a little while, and every time i caught him looking at me, he smiled and looked away. Whenever he talked to the whole class, we would make eye contact just with me. I just thought it was because i seemed to be paying attention and listening to what he said. But tides went wild when he started acting like friends with me.
We used to watch many videos in class and to get a good view of the video we had to turn off the lights and close the shutters. I always sat with my friends and just watch, because we all knew he was right next to me, almost touching my arm with his. I could barely watch the video normally, because, you know, lights off, everything dark, the teacher sticked to you... it was REALLY awkward to me. He sometimes talked to me while watching. He would get closer and say, "I love the part when..." or "Do you think...."
And he loved making me laugh. Every class he would come up with a new joke and i laughed, because they were actually funny. I sometimes commented on a topic we were learning, joking with my friends, and he laughed his heart out! Every single time!
And now and then he told me "your the best student i ever had", i just thought it was because he likes easy work, you know, the student getting everything at once and the teacher without explaining it a thousand times.

So this year i was like, "this is a new year, a new beginning. Things must have changed", but i was eventually wrong when he took me by surprise. He asked me for my last year's notebook, and i though he was just asking to borrow it, but he never gave it back, until one day i asked him what did he do with it. He said, "Oh, i showed it to my mom" I just burst out laughing and said "You're kidding, right? It's so funny!" But the funny thing was he wasn't actually laughing with me. And he said, "No, seriously. I was like 'mom, this is one of my best student's notebook' she read it and said 'wow, this is a really smart girl, no doubt she'll do great'" I was simply shocked. Why would he do that? i don't know, but then my mom wanted to see it too, and when i asked him to give me my notebook back for some time he was like "WHY?!?!?" and then he asked me to keep it. Forever. I asked him what he uses it for and he said, "I read it every night before going to bed" and that's when i laughed so hard i thought i was going tu puke my heart out, but he wasn't, again. He kept the same straight and serious face. It was really embarrassing, i thought he was joking this time too, but turns out the most funny things he says are true! He's always joking and making me laugh that i though this was one of those times too.
And now, every time he passes by he looks right into my eyes, says hi and smiles, when the other teachers never even say hi in class! And i can't get out of this one. He seems to get closer and closer and i just can't love him back. I mean, he's older, his my teacher, he'll be in trouble, and i don't like him that much.
"Oh, Huston, we have a problem", my best friend always tells me when he yells hello across the hall, or opens the door for me when leaving. "Yes, this is a problem. Endless"
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Is he still doing this now?


Sooo cool! I may use it! thaank you.. and well thought out!

Cute Story..but if it's berthing you, then when it gets to the Moment where he looks at you in thee eyes..Use powerful words...but not in a Mean way..but in a right way to make him feel and understand a way that he can't hate you nor touch you and talk to you...I would say.."I remember something in the New Testament(Bible), Jesus/Yashua speaks about Love others just as the Lord Loves us too, but Love he give U is Sinless..." If we can live our Life without lust..then the sins of this World can't uphold us too"....Hehehehe! Nice huh!!!??


ooohh my that happened me with my diary i dropped it out in science and my teacher mr.L..... picked it up with the photos of me when i was a baby now he just like your still as cute as u used to be. its kind of jaring but he is realy sexy and i dream about him that might mean something he doesnt have girl friend he said because his nose is to big to be honest if he asked me for sex tommorow i would do it even though my relig...maybe im just a crazy 12 year B****