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Well he is basically always looking at me in the eyes he smiles at me one time in the good morning hand shake i didn't shake his hand good and he pulled me just so i could hold his hand good.He moved all the kids (boys) i used to talk to im always sitting in a corner where he always stands he tries to help me with test whenever he gives me a paper he always put his hand in top of mines he is always calling on me in class im a freshmen its his first year teaching hs my friends tell me i act like if im scared of him.Whenever i get close to him he blushes he gets nervouse the words don't want to come out of his mouth .one time he kept me after class and he waited till city year left and he asked me why are u acting like this with me what have i done to you i cried after i felt bad .He talks about his son but never about his wife whenever they ask him a private question of his life he looks at me and he says i dont want to talk about that i know this sounds fake but i sware it's time we were using the computer and my computer was dead and i told him and he took like 5 minutes to give me one and it had a quote that said after the time you realize that the one you loved is not woth it any more my friend saw it to a lot of my friends had seen what he does not only me he smile when i talk he whats me to talk to him when i act like if im mad at him he will ask me something stupid just so i could talk to him.He kept on staring at me when we went to a field trip by the drivers mirror and he was liking his lips like almost biting them and he was getting close to me in the bus he only does that to me .He looks at me like if he wants me so bad like an evil face .One time i got a bad score inthe test and i looked away cause he kept on staring at me and then he was like look at me don't try to hide from me .When i act like if im sad he gets close to me and makes a sad face .today whe went to check our grade to be honest i wasn't in a mood he got close to me and he told me are you ready he said it 2 times i ignored him and he aksed my friends whats wrong with her is she ok he made a sad face he got close to me i moved at he got closer he always agrees with what i say i try to stay away from him but he just won't understand that .Whenever it's like friday he tries to talk to me as much as he can but i just ignore it he gets on my nerves its like if he want and he need my time i told him to check my work he looked at my eyes and said yes its ok i was like in my mind u dindn't even look at my paper . well some people know about it and they think he likes me cause there is more htings i am not gonna write cause its just a long story he hasn't tried to touch me or somehting like that but yeah please i need ur opinion if you think he likes me comment yes .
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He likes you and if you do too , go for it ;), Girl HE LIKES YOUU :)))

Please tell a counselor or other teacher you trust. His behaviour is inappropriate. He's causing you to feel really uncomfortable and you really need to tell someone about this BEFORE he does something more inappropriate.

thats creepy thoe well know he does some things but no like he used to do he does creppy things like touch my hand with only 2 fingers and like slowly takes it off

Yeah he likes you

yeahh id say he likes you. eww. creepy . lol

oh im the one of this story is a he not a she he is 26 years old and idk what infactuation means and yah some of my friends know and they say he likes me

i think he likes you. how old is her? its like infactuation

He probably likes you. :3