6th Grade

When I was in 6th grade I had been really sick and was out of school for about a month. When I got back I went to all of my teachers to find out what assignments I could get to make up and each of them told me they would have to get a packet together and get back to me. So I was in study hall with nothing to do my first day back and was doodling on the back of a notebook when my social studies teacher came in with a packet for me. He saw me doodling and started yelling at me about how I have been gone for a month and I should have a lot of work to do and there is no reason I should be sitting in study hall doodling. He literally got in my face and was yelling at me and so the tears started to pour. So embarrassing. As if 6th grade didn't suck enough already I had this douche screaming in my face. Ugh!
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As an adult looking back on that experience I think not only was it wrong of him to be yelling at me but I also think it's wrong that the teacher in the study hall (who was also my math teacher, who also didn't give me any work to do) didn't stand up to him. I feel like if I were a teacher and another teacher came into my classroom and started yelling at a kid that way I would have stood up to him.