I Had a Teacher Hit Me Once

Well back in grade school every teacher made me cry.  I was a cry baby.  If someone called me stupid I would cry.  (Which they did and I did.)  However, there was this gym teacher who actually hit me when I was crying.

I was in second or third grade and the gym teacher decided we were going to play volley ball, but with one of the really big balls.  This ball was so huge you had to jump up to sit on it.  The gym teacher told us not to climb on it, but one girl didn't listen.  She was this adorable girl with a cute hair cut and kept climbing all over the ball right in front of the gym teacher's face while he was talking.  I saw how he wasn't telling her to get off of it, so figured it would be okay for me to climb on it. 

But as soon as I got on top of it, he started yelling at me, and of course I started crying.  Then he slapped me in the face and told me to shut up.  I wanted to die at that moment.  He yelled at me and slapped me in front of the entire gym class.  I did shut up out of embarrasment and shame.

I know I should probably be really pissed now that a teacher hit me, his student, and got away with it, but I'm not.  I know that if I had told my parents or told another teacher he probably would have gotten in trouble, but I don't think he's ever hit anyone else.  I was probably the exception.  

SerenaDragonfly SerenaDragonfly
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1 Response Feb 28, 2009

Well I doubt that this event has made me a better person. It was one singular event and didn't cure me of my cry-babyness. I got rid of that by growing up. Personally I think what the gym teacher did was wrong. I may not be angry about it now, but I should hope if it ever happens again the child should be smart enough to report it. I believe he also showed favoritism by not punishing the other girl who was breaking the rules.