My First Teacher...

Okay, people. I Had a teacher that was mental too.
It was in juniour school, and she was our's FIRST teacher (for me and my classmates). This person was , a bit hysterical, because, she always done wrong things and say obscence for any child who done something wrong. I remember, how she often hit pupil's head with a ruler. I remember how she dragged girl by the hair, because she do not done her homework. She nearly, beat this girl her head against desk. And another one I remember, is about boy, who also done something wrong, with classwork. She shout so loud and then took his copybook and show for all class : " Children, look! How he made a work! What I said?!" And she put down his open copybook near door in classroom, like rug, and shout : "Children, you must clean feet!" It was before a break between a lessons, so, I go out from a class with my friends with no see what was after it with this poor boy. But when we came back, i saw already not a copybook before door... but a peaces of sheets.
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Its really sad.... why they do it with childrens, who are came just from kindergarden? (I know situations, even when nannyes in kindergardens do it way)....<br />
but I was happy had that experience in first grade, in school. because, later I was not such surprised to meet teachers like this one..... in hight school, in university......