Dr Sueberg!!

 i had this teacher in high school, and she had a doctorate in maths, and she was a very clever woman, but she was also a bit mental!! whenever she used to explain equations to the class, she used to jump about the front of the classroom like a bunny rabbit, and she would say like if a bunny rabbit hops 3 steps this way, and jumps 5 steps the other way until she hopped right out the classroom door, and then she would stick her head in the door and say "did you get that?" and all us kids were like "umm no, cos we were too busy laughing at you, you mental woman" this woman was actually due to get married the one year, but she called off the wedding because her cat died, and then she sold her house and moved into a convent with some nuns!!! weird woman!!! apparently she still to this day keeps tins of cat food in the boot of her car!!! lol

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yes, very strange *neurotic2010* lol

oh wow! how strange.


Thanks for the good laugh!, this story had me cracking up! hilarious!

anything that makes you laugh "shiori" is my pleasure!!!!

...thanks cowie^^...

i love to make you laugh "shiori"!!! lol

....that was funny....thanks for the laughs^^.

ok, so i have no idea who posted the avatar of the teacher for this group, but its uncanny, just how accurate that cartoon image is to my teacher in high school!! if someone had to do a cartoon image of what she looks like, then that is almost accurate enough!!! lol

it is indeed!!! i always remember there would always be some kid at the back of the class who would go "meeoow" and she would send them to the principles office for trying to hurt her feelings!!! lol

i think we can thank my old teacher, not just for making you smile, but for giving me some funny memories from my childhood lol!!!!

Thank you so much for making me smile.