22 Birthday Blues

So yesterday was my birthday, I turned 22 :) yay but lets just say its the worst birthday ever, it even beats my 20th when all I did was garage selling... you see I worked graveyard the night before so I didnt get home well to my fiance's moms house (we were housesitting) until 6 in the morning after cleaning their kitchen and bathroom my fiance woke up and I took him to work at 8 he did say happy birthday once so my day started off great, after dropping him off at work I went a bought a new birthday dress and got subway for breakfast which is really my dinner. I was going to stay up and go get my nails done but I fell asleep around noon and woke up at around 3. I thought my fiance got off work at 4 so I decided that nails should wait, His mom came home and we talked and I lost track of time, so at 3:50 I went to pick my fiance up, I go into the parking lot and wait, and wait and wait ohhhh and wait, its a 94 degree day in a car without an air conditionair, I waited there for an hour and a half by now Im already upset because not only am I drenched in birthday sweat but I have not heard a happy birthday from my little sister who has not talked to me in a while, and I could have been getting my nails done haha, So at 5:30 I finally decide to just go back to his moms house, you may ask me why didnt you go into his work and find out if he was there, well he just started this job and its a huge factory and well I would get lost, haha so I go to his moms house and im thinking maybe he is planning something amazing for tonight and is making it a surprise! I am super exhausted by now you know the only 2 hours of sleep can do that to you after you sat in a flaming car for an hour and a half. at 6 his moms house gets a call saying he is off work and his phone was out of minutes. that he thought he messaged me that he was staying late at work but it didnt go thru, but he could have called that house and told me. So Im pretty upset by now from the lack of birthday call from my sister and my fiance deciding to stay 2 hours late at work on my birthday. So i pick him up and he says he needs shoes for work so we go and get him 100 and something dollar steal toed boots which I pay for, on my birthday, we go to his moms house, and head home. we end up watching one episode of lie to me and having nachos and going to bed. He said that today we can do something fun but if he gets off of work at 6 and I have to go into work at 10 pm I need to sleep and clean and do laundry, ohhh and not get my nails done because I bought him shoes, so pretty much just forgetting I ever had a birthday. Ohhh better yet supposed to go to a birthday house party on saturday not for me but for someone else who's birthday was 2 weeks ago... yeah do not want to go. haha just need to throw a pitty party for myself and vow to not have high hopes for birthdays over the next few years. lol Yay for turning 22!
crystalina22 crystalina22
22-25, F
Jul 25, 2012