Yesterday was my 13th birthday so it was a big deal for me because I'm entering my teenage years. I thought that this would be the best birthday ever but instead it turned out to be awful.
About a week before my birthday my parents had to fly across the country to see my grandpa because he was in the hospital. He wad in the hospital for passing out in the shower.. The doctors checked out why he passed out and they found out he had cancer. He only has a 6% chance of survival.
My dad flew home 3 days before my birthday. But my sister has been home with me the entire time. Anyways, he came home and was tired because of time differences and he got a cold. So when he came home all he did was sleep. And get me sick. And to make it better he had to work on my birthday, my sister did, my mom was across the country, and my brother doesn't even live with us so I wasn't really expecting anything big from him.
But, this was my 13th. My entrance to teenage years and I spent it at school then coming home to an empty house....
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thats bad

I wish I had seen this when you posted because my birthday was also on Feb 20 and my birthday also was terrible. Except that I turned 49, not 13. But I expected someone, anyone to do something...anything at all. But no one did. Money was tight so no present, which I didn't really care about, but my kids didn't even make me cards or sing me happy birthday with the cake I bought for myself. Now Feb is just a few months away and another birthday is coming. I'm going to be 50. unbelievable. I've decided that instead of waiting around for someone to do something for me, I am going to make this the best birthday myself. I'm going to do 50 random acts of kindness for the week leading up to my big day, then I'm going to do some big act of kindness on my actual birthday. I'm going to plan dinner for myself and get myself a cake and enjoy it completely! Be the creator of your own happiness and you will never be sad.

I really feel for you. Even though I am 49 yo now I remember my 13th birthday pretty well and it was a big thing for me. Finely I was getting close to being a "grown up" and people will treat me different. I did have a good birthday but nothing really changed. It really never does. You have to enjoy the years you have now because when you get to be my age you don't want to look back on your life and say "where did it all go?" Like I do. My grandpa died about the same point in my life where you are now. That was the worst time in my life, even more so than when my wife died of breast cancer because he was my only father figure I had. You have to let all the people you love that you love them as often as possible because you never know when it will be your last chance. I will pray for you and your grandfather. God bless you.

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ME ME ME. What about your grandfather? Your dad is sick...your mom was across the country, NOT enjoying herself, taking care of her own father who is dying. Get over yourself, this is just a portent of what's to come, with your family having to live with your selfishness and you, with disappointments over a minor thing such as a birthday. There'll be more BDs for you, but your grandfather won't have many more. Try thinking of someone other than yourself.

Dear SarahKate,
What you are experiencing now is part of life's roads, and a part of growing up, both physically and mentally. It is part of having to make adjustments which are different to what you are used to, but have everything to do with how you accept these situations ,and put them into your bank of accumulated
knowledge, which will forever be with you. These present situations are only small bumps in the road right now, which will smooth out and become stepping stones, with which you will tread more easily, through life's ups and downs. I would like to become your surrogate grandpa, as I have been for others who I have helped. Remember this: THINGS GO BEST FOR THOSE WHO MAKE THE BEST OF THE WAY THINGS GO.
Happy day of birth, every year, forever.
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no ,from here your responsibilities starts

That's rough. I'll pray for you and yours.

That happens. Don't be selfish

Be strong for yourself and your family. Next year will be the best Birthday yet!!!:-)

So sorry to hear about you being sick on your Birthday and for your poor grandfather. Perhaps you can celebrate it with vigor this weekend? I had breast cancer surgery the day before my Birthday, and I remember the nurses saying "Oh! Your Birthday is tomorrow, you'll be Cancer Free!" And all I can think of at the time was "Oh Yeah, Woo Hoo Happy Birthday to Me..." But they were right. It was the best birthday I ever I was Alive. :) Don't worry sweetie, there are other Birthday and they will be fantastic.

I'm sorry to hear about your birthday not being good, these milestones, especially big ones like 13 need to be celebrated, however there are some large issues going on, sorry to hear about your grandfather and you coming down ill.
Trust me on this though, 13 is a big one, but In a very short 3 years 16 is the BIG birthday, you have entered young adulthood, then at 18, you are officially a young adult and at 21, guess what??? YOU ARE AN ADULT!!!!!!!!!!!! You will cherish these 3 larger ones coming up and will have greater memories.
BTW HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes life doesn't allow things to happen. But maybe you can go for a birthday party the next weekend? If people are around and have more time?

When i read this right you also got sick? Get all well soon again then!