I had a friend who called me to have a bible study at his place so sure I said and arrived to see him looking really oppressed.
I was inspired to put my left arm round his shoulders and pray: *LORD JESUS* you encourage us to take *Your* yoke upon us and learn of *You* and we shall find rest to our soul ,so Miguel and I do that right now Thanks *LORD*. And truly it was like I went to heaven the colours and softness were so different from earth that I have never been quite entirely the same since and when I returned to my body through my own mouth and heard like piff,piff,piff at very that moment I entered my mouth.
I turned to my friend and said "How are you Miguel and he said plainly.! Ed, I am all dressed in white.
Within days he flew back to his own country and was strangled and hung up to make it look like suicide by his satanist sodomite brother Ferdinand we believe .
ere4u ere4u
Nov 23, 2014