I Had A Thyroidectomy April, 5,2010.

Hi, I had a total thyroidectomy April 5th 2010 because of  Hurthel cell carcinoma. Rare cancer of the thyroid. My surgery went well, but he had to remove one of my parathyroids, and then transplant it back in order to remove the tumor. this  caused all four to shut down,causing me to develope hypocalcemia,
(low calcium) if you don't have enough calcium, you can't move. my body locked up, 6 days later my parathyroids began to function again,but, it was a really long 6 days. my endocronoligist said I was within an hour of cardiac and pulminary arrest.  I almost died.  It had taken me two hours to get out of bed to get help, if noone had been home, i would not have survived, I could not talk or walk.
I am doing fine now , I have regained most of my strength and endurance, but i still struggle to maintain my calcium levels.

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I am a 37 year old female and am scheduled for a complete thyroidectomy July 17, 2012. In Oct. 2011, I found a lump in my neck. Turns out I have 2 large nodules and several small nodules and I am a carrier for a heredity form of cancer, (medullary), which my mother had 12 years ago. She had a complete thyroidectomy and is fine. My calcitonin levels are extremely high and my Free T4 level is slightly elevated. These posts have helped calm my nerves a bit, but everything I have read says I should be on meds prior to surgery since I have been told my levels are elevated. I am worried about a thyroid storm, which seems to be something I should worry about with hyperthyroidism. Anyone else have this issue?

Hi Joeanise;I'm sorry you don't feel well. are you taking a synthetic thyroid replacement? if so you need to wait one hour before you eat, and four hours before taking anything with calcium. If you are still tingleing you are still low on calcium. The liquid stuff tastes nasty but works best for me. I have had gastric bypass, so I don't absorb calcium well any way I also take 3 vivactin with vitamin d you<br />
need D to utalize calcum.<br />
You are right though if you havn' t been through this you just don't understand.<br />
>^..^< Carla

HI Carla<br />
I am so sorry to hear of your experience It must have been so scary for you. I also have had a thyroidectomy june 22, 2010 and have two parathyroids left. Same day I was released from hospital I went into low titany(not sure if spelled right), I am sure you know it means low calcium. Since then I am on calcium all day. This has been very hard on my stomach. I wake up with nausea and bad heartburn that does not go away. I also have this weird nerve tingling that I feel in my legs and arms. would love to know how you are coping. since no one really that I know understands what I am going through. Thanks be well Joana