Had Throidectomy 3 Years Ago

I was 27 year old man who had noticed big lump in neck when to doctors and was sent for biopsy they found 3centimeter nodule on right gland and during the procedure found another one on other side. I had whole gland removed a mgh and it was the worst experience i ever had in hospital will never let them operate on me again had feet hanging over bed to small for some one 63 and couldnt tell anyone because i couldnt speak. i was told by surgeon i would be in there for hour and half maybe to two well 6 hrs later my girl called to see what was up and i was still in there makes me wonder what really happenwd in there in process of finding out. got voice back in 10 days was tire alot and put on levothyroxine which took them year to get me balanced but heres my issues arms fall a sleep when lay down get woken up in middle of night from pain in hips and joints I have become a moody stressed out person which i wasnt and cant even cuddle with fiance because arms and hands go dead . when sitting in chair to long *** falls asleep as well as feet even putting feet up cause feet to go to sleep really worried this surgeon hacked me up and want to make her pay for using me as a test dummy my body is always stiff and never feel goods . i could really use some experienced advise and help if anyone know good doc because my primary just isnt listening im a recovering attic so i get treatd like a piece of trash when it was a doctor who got me hooled when i was paying sports anny info greatly appreciated
anthony1026 anthony1026
Nov 27, 2012