Bipolar Tendencies

About a year and a half my doctor ordered a sonogram for blocked coroid artery. In the process they found something else. A nodule on my right thyroid gland. After surgery they advised me that it did not contain any carcinoma. I was sent home to recover. One week later my surgeon telephoned to inform me after my tisssues were examined in the lab, they in fact found cancer. I asked for advise, and was told the worst thing that could happen would be to take medication for the rest of my life. I elected to go back and have the left side removed. I immediately changed. I would go from one extreme to the next in about 2 seconds. Has anyone had these emotional outbursts, which is now being diagnosed as bipolar tendencies. Is there anyone else that's experiencing these types of emotional outbursts?
Lemondhead56 Lemondhead56
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

I would definitely describe mine moods as bipolar tendencies. My family Dr has tried anti depressants to suppress my moods which didn't help. Also tried birth control pills to control hormones. Also didn't help. Very disheartening. I've started with a naturopath and its really starting to help. Good luck