My Life

I used to be a very happy child, always laughing and playing with other kids and games. I loved my parents and my little sister, and our perfect live we had together with the 4 of us. My dad had an amazing job and we got everything we wanted.

Until everything changed. Everything changed so quick.

I was 10 years old when I once came down into the livingroom and my parents had a fight, a serious fight. I had never seen my dad so angry and upset before.
I had never heard them screaming so bad at each other.
My little sister was 5 years old at that time and I took her upstairs and waited for almost 2 hours until it was quiet downstairs.

From that moment on my life fell apart. My mom left, apparently she was cheating on my dad for already 2 years. We stayed at my dad for the beginning. In that period I saw my dad sad all the time. I was a real daddy's girl and I hated my mom for what she had done.
Half a year after my mom left, my father's father, my grandfather, past away. My opa ment a lot to me, I was his first born grandchild, so what we had was amazing. My dad was his oldest son and had a verry special connexxion with him. They were each others best friends.
Like if it wasn't enough we had to go trough, my dad lost his job a year later. At that time, we didn't have to worry about money or our home and my dad saw it as a break to work on himself. We only didn't expect that he wouldn't ever get a job again.

Today, after almost 7 years my dad lost his job, he still didn't get a new job. The house where I grew up in and have lived in with our perfect family, is for sale now. Our rich, happy and healthy family changed into a destroyed family with a lot of depression and debts.

i love my dad & baby sis
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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

what did your dad work in?

my dad was HR manager at toshiba

wow that is some serious position! i dont understand why he cant get hired anymore, is it like he cant level down some?

My dad was too old when he had to leave. Therefor nobody wanted to hire him. And besides that, he even tried to get jobs where you don't even need a diploma for.