Death Everywhere

I suppose my childhood is not particularly traumatic. I have witnessed a lot of blood, a lot of death. My aunt works in a hospital, but she was diagnosed with cancer, and her son, leo (8 years old) tried to launch himself off the stairs and commit suicide. His father died in the hospital from cancer. I was in the room at the time and didn't understand what was going on. My parents beat me twice in my memory, but they aren't abusive. I just remember being scared. While I was walking down the hallway in school, a boy was shoved into a pole, his temporal bone nearly shattered and blood everywhere. I watched as a drowning victim couldn't be saved after the life guards resuscitated him. I have been in a burning building and felt trapped in it. On a plane ride, a man threatened to kill me, but he was a crazy old guy. Nicholas, my friend, died a week ago in a car accident. Logan, two years before him, also suffered from wounds and died as a result of a car accident. I was lonely for a long time, and started to cut myself. I have stopped now, and the only thing that occupies my mind is school. I had to get this out though, so I never cut again.
junholaday junholaday
13-15, F
Jan 6, 2013