Tummy Tuck/bilateral Surgery On Both Legs On 12-27-12

Im a 30 yr old weight loss surgery patient... had my WLS on dec 30th 2009 weighted n the day of surgery at 265 dec 27th 2012 the day of my tummy tuck ect weight 128.... not sure of current weight since that surgery due to no scales at the moment and still swollen some....but dr did take off at least 4lbs of extra skin..... just feelin miserable at moment and needin some support not really in what u would say pain..... just got the itches very very bad and hate wearin this garment but i have to wear it till this comin thurs ill will been 2 weeks since surgery then i have to wear a spandex which i hope will be a bit more comfrontable than this garment... wouldnt be so bad if i didnt feel like i was allegic to it even after hand washin it in baby detg... and air dryin it...... i have to wait till im 2 months out before i get released to go back to my job which puts at march 4th.... i work a warehouse job.... thats all i know to say for now ... i no in 2 months or by this summer all this will b worth it but right now i keep askin my self y i put my self thru this..... would love to make new friends.... thanks for readin
kykuntreechick82 kykuntreechick82
26-30, F
Jan 6, 2013