Lucid Dreams Back To Back

i awoke this morning to my arlam before school around 6 am. i hit snooze as i usually do and went back to sleep very easily. but this is where my most vivid lucid dream occured yet. i was in my school gym and walkin around conversating with my friends as i usually do but something felt wierd and i knew it was a dream all of a sudden... the gym streched back a mile and things got dark, then i knew i had dream awareness. i then decided to see what i learned so far with my lucid dreaming practice. i held my hands up as if i was holding a ball, invisible one, and felt a strong push in between them which kept we from touching them together. i then turned to a random person i dont recall knowing and took one hand and gently touched him which sent him flying back and crashing through a wall and outside. i loved this feeling it was godlike, so i then tried agian on another person and i stopped before i realized it was a good friend of mine and i didnt want to hurt them. i ran away... at that point i realized i would over sleep if i continued my dream, and be late for school. wierd i know haha, but i woke up say it was only 6:20 then went back to sleep after turning of my alarm completely. i started to dream agian but this i cant tell you about kuz it didnt fully form, but i remember i was about to create a powerful dream and then woke up and it was 7 already so i got up and got ready for school, i hope i can do this agian soon.
igotthisfornow igotthisfornow
May 11, 2012