It was actually a VBA2C--a vaginal birth after 2 caesarian sections.

My first pregnancy, I was induced due to preeclampsia (serious enough preeclampsia that I was having difficulties with my vision).  I labored for eight hours before a doctor came in and found I had not dialated at all, and she was wise enough to guess that it was because the baby was breech.

Breech baby in a hospital means automatic c-section.

Baby number two, my water broke a month early.  She was another who was trying to walk out into the world, and so my dreams of a VBAC evaporated.

When baby #2 was a year old, I conceived again.  I wanted a normal birth.  A c-section is sometimes lifesaving, but it is not normal.  By definition.

People thought I was nuts.  I had not only people coming out and telling me I was crazy, but the more backhanded stuff of some c-section mamas talking about how glad they were to have avoided "vaginal trauma" they were certain came with a normal birth.

But I knew the way God made us to have babies is the right way.

And so I had my baby vaginally, thanks in part to the wonderful staff at Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu.  I want to call them out because it is so hard to find VBAC-friendly hospitals.  They were great with me.  My labor took forty hours and in the end had to be augmented with Pitocin.  I had an intravenous narcotic, but not an epidural.  Hurt like hell, and I wound up with vaginal trauma indeed (two tears, one of which required stitches), but it was worth it.
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Thank you for your story.