I Want A Vbac!

I live on the MS Gulf Coast.  I had a c section thinking it was needed.   I never went into labor or anything!    I was sediated and did not see my child after he was born.   I found out after the fact the whole thing was elective.   The doctor was not sure I even had pre eclamsia.  I did not know!   I regreted the c section  everyday and have cried a thousand times over the whole thing.    I would give anything to change the past!   I want to have another child however, I want a VBAC and I dont care how.    The hospitals around me do not allow VBACS.  I cannot find midwives for homebirths.    I want to know what everyone complains about.  I want a nautural birth!    I feel incomplete like something is missing.  Please tell me how I can get a vbac in south MS!  
oliveros1 oliveros1
Sep 9, 2011