Faith Vs Doubt

My c section was due to failure to progress because the baby was not descending and fetal distress. I had endured about six hours of active labour, got to 9 cm and then the baby's heart rate started to drop. The OB suggested a c section. At the time I was disappointed but also relieved that the pain would stop. Recovery was not very difficult but I felt extremely depressed about the section. I couldn't stop crying in the hospital and when I got home I cried whenever I was alone. Just before discharge my OB came in to check on me and after the usual, announced that I would have to have c sections for any future pregnancies. When I asked why he said because the risk of rupture was not worth it. I thought to myself: ok, so find out about this because this doesn't sound right.
I became pregnant with my second child when my son was 20 months old and started my research in earnest. THEN, I went back to my OB ( I do trust this doctor). After the initial confirmation of my pregnancy we started to talk about a possible VBAC. He said the same things about rupture and I pointed out to him that I know it hardly ever happens etc. He then pointed out my son was a 'big' baby for my small frame. I am 5' 2", my son was 8lbs 7 ounces. I told him I did not think that mattered. He finally smiled and agreed he would see how it went. I did not care what he thought he was going to do. I knew I was not agreeing to a repeat c section.
I had a very healthy pregnancy. My OB kept steering me toward a repeat c section. I kept ignoring him. Finally I couldn't take it any more and got the name of another OB who was VBAC friendly. I decided I would talk to my OB one more time since I was already 34 weeks and I do trust my OB otherwise. At that appointment, I told him my concerns of his lack of support for what I wanted and he quietly smiled and assured me that he would not push me to a cesarean but that he would use his usual standards for making a decision in the event I needed one. This reassured me and I stayed with him.
Two days after my due date at 12:45 am, my water broke. My husband and I got things ready and were at the hospital at 3:00 am. The mid wife checked me and I was at 5 cm dilated. The contractions were coming every 3 minutes but were mild to moderate. She also hooked me up to monitor the baby and I informed her she would have to do it for a short time since I wanted to be able to walk and stand as much as possible (I was going to bring this baby down!). I was allowed to do as I wished but by 5 am the pain was too intense and I wanted to lie down. I lay on my side and was given oxygen since the baby's heart was dropping just a little. I used oxygen for the rest of the labour. Now this was the terrible part. My OB came, checked me and was only at 6 cm. The complication was that I had an overwhelming urge to push. The mid wife and OB both gave me the lecture about damaging my cervix etc. So for the next three agonising hours I had to resist the urge to push. That was unbelievable pain. My contractions were also not getting closer they were still at every 3 minutes (God knows how much we can bear), but that gave my body time to deal with that need to push which I could not give in to. Finally, at about 8 am I was complete and I asked to push. BUT the baby was still too high. When my OB came in to check, he said that we could wait and then see what happens but he felt we would need to do a c section. Of course. I wanted to kick him. Instead I told my husband to call EVERYBODY and tell them to pray because I WAS NOT LETTING ALL THIS PAIN BE IN VAIN AGAIN! In the meantime, I started to notice a slight difference in my contractions. The need to push alleviated somewhat and I felt slight pressure on my pubic bone. I knew then he was starting to descend fully. After about forty minutes, the mid wife decided to check me (they couldnt find my doctor). She checked and then said to me ' ok honey, this is how you push' . Like I needed to be told how. But I was not upset. I was getting my VBAC and I could FINALLY push. She had me do a practice push and my OB came in, saw what was happening and started to get dressed for the birth.Ha! The mid wife told me to push only during the contraction and so with the next one I pushed and his head poked out. My husband saw it and got so excited. I guess this VBAC story is his too. With the next contraction I had to slow down the pushing and wait. But with the next push I felt a mild burning which I knew meant the baby's head was crowning and out he came,shoulders too! They placed him on my chest and as I looked at him I could only think: he is here, this is real, I got my VBAC.
I did get a second degree tear and this is my third week since my VBAC. There is still slight discomfort from the healing tears but nothing to scream about. After delivery I was able to hold my first son and not worry about a tender wound and I remember visitors and I ate. The list can go on. All in all the truly painful part of the labour was that 3 hour urge to push when I could not. The presence of my husband helped me tremendously in getting through that pain. ( I am from Trinidad in the Caribbean, epidural use to my knowledge is practically non-existent. I don't know one person who has had one. We birth naturally and somehow get through the pain). The pushing for me did not hurt at all and he was out in maybe four or five pushes over about ten minutes. So the VBAC experience overall was pretty super.
This time when my OB came to discharge me, he admitted that he had put the OR on stand by (probably why they couldn't find him) but he said something very important to me and for all women who want to VBAC. He said that I had done so well because while he doubted, I had faith that it could happen. And it did!
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Congrats on s great VBAC! It sounds like you were lucky that your doctor cooperated in spite of being reluctant. So many doctors won't do this.