Loved My Vbac!

I had a wonderful VBAC experience and would do it all over again. My C-section was in 2004 because of face up presentation, which really was not a reason at all to do a C-section. This time around, I lucked out and the baby was in a good position. I had gestational diabetes but that didn't stop me from the VBAC I wanted. My water broke with meconium, which scared me and brought the contractions on a lot harder and stronger than my first birth, where I had to have AROM. Thanks to an epidural and a baby who wanted out, she came out in less than 20 minutes and I didn't feel a thing. i was laughing and joking in between pushing!  I loved every minute of it and would do ti again in a heartbeat!
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3 Responses Feb 21, 2007

i love to read all the success stories of VBAC's it gives me hope that i can do it i had a c section with my first child due to fetal distress and now 7 yrs later im ready to try and have a viginal delivery i really do believe that i can do it i know because with my other kid i opened 8cm before the dr said i have to take you in for an emergency c-section but reading all these success stories gives me hope :)

wow! thats exactly why i had my c section and I am still very upset by it. I hope to have a vbac with my next baby but am definantly nervous

Good for you, although I don't understand the acronyms.